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Very important for windows users

Support for ctrl+ins and shft+ins for copy/paste
Ctrl+end/up/down etc to highlight text

I work in a software company in the uk. I have asked everyone and they think it would be the most difficult program to use without these short cut keys. And it is!

I have had 1300 downloads of my 3 month old arduino visual studio addin and it is only in beta. The add-in is for windows and visual studio professionals who want to use arduino for hobby purposes but who also can't use the arduino ide.

"Using the arduino ide is like sticking pins in my eyes" said one user!


It would be a pleasure to use the arduino ide than have to waste time writing software like visual micro.

It seems there is an entire community that is being alienated by the ide and you gurus just don't seem to care


If every edit menu in the world didn't look like this then you might find someone to agree with you:



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Why re-post this?


As I stated, someone already submitted a bug report on google and the Arduino team apparently decided it needed to be added on the Processing side.  If it is that important to you, you need to post on the Processing forum, not re-post on the Arduino forum.

BTW, while I appreciate be called a guru, I think you'll find that I, like most of the other people here are just regular Arduino users like you.   ;)


Smells more like an ad than an honest criticism of the current IDE.


Read the site, its a free product, the reasons for the product are also given on the site. The site doesn't even have ads!

I reposted it here because the hardware area seemed wrong and the discussions seemed a bit painful for the simple request.

It doesn't really matter what the edit menu shows today, it used to show the keys I have mentioned and that is what many people have grown to use.

It's a very simple thing


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What I meant was: the creation of this thread is just to advertise your software. The re-post was clearly so more people would see it, as opposed to contributing to the discussion about the IDE/Editor as in the other thread.

Incidently, I had read your site, so I guess it worked. ;)


I know what you mean but I have no reason to advertise my site. It is born out of fustration, not love, pride or anything else.

The repost was because I was told the post was in the wrong place and it seemed I wasn't getting any responses from people who care about users of the arduino ide.

Just seemed to be comments from people playing god (members).

Sorry but I won't bother asking again


and... the vm software only helps. It doesn't take into account user libraries or compile projects that require public exports to be automatically add to a temp.c. So the arduino ide would be much less hassle


Apparently you didn't even bother reading my post in the other thread or following the link to the google bug.

I'm sorry it wasn't the answer you were looking for, but re-posting does not change the answer.  The people you say are acting like God are merely other users stating their opinion.  If your opinion counts, why shouldn't theirs?  It's moot anyway, because if you follow my link in the other post you will see that the actual IDE Developers have already made a decision on this particular issue.


Well I don't agree that it is your place to be negative about things that do not affect you.

It also causes more posts on this site. This might raise your status but it detracts from the clear and concise points that people like myself are validly trying to make.

In any event, I thank you for your good intentions


Tim, I'm not trying to be negative, I'm trying to point your energy in the right direction.  The Arduino IDE team has already stated that the way to get this into the IDE is via Processing.  I don't use these shortcuts, but I can't see how they will hurt to include them.  If you hang around for a while you will find that nothing happens overnight when it comes to the IDE.  This is generally a good thing that prevents patches from creating more bugs.  Here is a link to the Processing site:
Pushing over there will get your shortcuts in faster than here.  That is all I was trying to tell you.  If you look at my post count, you'll see that I do not post simply to elevate my status.


discussions seemed a bit painful for the simple request.

You still here with that darn 'issue'.


Digger450, Thank you, it just seems to be the god memebers who ware wasting peoples time and filling the site with rubbish. Someone should ban them!


Digger450, Thank you, it just seems to be the god memebers who ware wasting peoples time and filling the site with rubbish. Someone should ban them!


Maybe someone should ban all these darn annoying god members.   :-?


Maybe someone should ban all these darn annoying god members.  

I think you have hit on the problem around here. Most all religions dictate that there is only one true God, but not the Arduino religion, oh no, they hand out God status just for hanging around long enough. Bad as the Egyptians with their herd of gods.  ;)


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