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can anyone help with a code to read 3 sensors ( https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pressure-Transducer-Sensor-Stainless-Steel-For-Oil-Fuel-Diesel-Gas-Air-0-150-psi/253198875466?hash=item3af3d43b4a:g:KS0AAOSwvg9Xa4kp )

1x tank pressure
1x front pressure
1x rear pressure

would be great to come up with something set out like this if even possible

    Tank         Front      150 PSI
  150 PSI      Rear      150 PSI

I'm new using arduino but hoping this isn't too difficult using the sensors linked above

1 ground pin
1 5v pin
1 signal output pin


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That is a very popular project and has been discussed on this forum many times. You read the sensor with the analog input. Search the forum or Google "arduino pressure sensor" for lots of tutorials and advice.

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