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Hello everyone,

I appear to have an issue with my recently purchased TFT display. The The initial idea was as follows: I wanted to connect my Arduino UNO with a TFT display and use slightly modified example codes to display my own pictures on the screen.
I stumbled upon this display:

...aaand purchased it, hoping I would find an easy way to display something on that screen.
Luckily, it comes with a built-in micro SD card slot.

Luckily I found a sort of "starter kit" for this display for an Arduino Uno with example code which showed how to display .bmp-files - exactly what I wanted.


However I cannot seem to get it to work, whenever I upload one of the codes, the screen stays white.
None of the codes work, except for the "Example01 - simple test" which properly displays a colour-changing screen. All the other codes do not yield errors but the screen stays white. ("warnings" come up occasionally, but I dont think that is critical)

I suspected that it might have something to do with the libraries I am using, so I spent the day googling and researching, found some modified versions of the libraries (SmokeAndMirrors Version etc.) and basically tried everything I know to get it to work - without success.

So now I would like to ask you guys if you could think of anything that might help me.
I am running Windows 7 and I use an Arduino Uno along with the specified display.
I really dont know why the one code works but all the others do not. Essentially all I need is a display that can display .bmp-files on that screen, with the pictuire changing ever so often.

do you guys have an idea what to do next?
Thanks you and cheers,



You have a regular "Mcufriend-style" Shield.   Your link gives you examples and an "Install Libraries" folder for the Arduino.

The "Install Libraries" contain a hacked Adafruit_TFTLCD library. 
There are several Arduino projects.

I would imagine that the hacked library will work 100%.   I have not tried it.   I had not seen this version with ILI9481 support before.

So you should just be able to Install the libraries and run the Examples.

Incidentally,  the MCUFRIEND_kbv library supports your Blue Shield.

However,  this particular Shield runs a little hot.   You might find that it overheats after a while.



Hello David,

thank you for your answer and sorry for bringing this topic back up after such a long time, but I set the project aside for a while.

Unfortunately I am not quite sure if I understand you correctly. It sounds like you are just as surprised that it doesnt work because "it should".

The problem persists though...

Do you or anyone else have any ideas?


Install the MCUFRIEND_kbv library.
Program any example onto your Arduino.

Unplug power (USB) from the Arduino.
Mount the (cold) display shield.
Re-plug power to the Arduino.
The sketch should run.

It might run for days.   Or the display might overheat and crash after a few minutes.



This worked perfectly.

I kinda love you. Thank You!

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