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Current version has been online since 08/08/2017  @ 23:31 EST with little interruption.  Developement board is a RobotDyn Wifi D1 R2 from Source of board

Project web page

Attached "NTP_Observations_SPIFFS.zip" is the 08/08/2017 @ 23:31 EST version.


October 2, 2017 Update:

"NTP_Observations_SPIFFS.ino"    08/08/2017  @ 23:31 EST continues to remain online.  Last version change date was 08/08/2017 @ 23:31 EST. 

Current version has performed above and beyond my expectations.  Very good reliability.  Fast downloads.  Fast Watchdog resets on the rare occurrence when one happens.



Improved Wake time in response to page request. 

Improvements to simplify editing page links.

List of line numbers requiring editing.

Project webpage --Observations

Project webpage --Graphs


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Update 11/23/2017

Added code for occasion when no NTP Packet is received, to request a new Packet to be sent.

Added SERVER.TXT file for date and time of Server starts.  

Previous version of project code is:  "Nov_23_2017__NTP_Observations_SPIFFS.ino."

Project web page

Project's Graphing capabilities

Installed version of project code is:  "Dec_9_2017__NTP_Observations_SPIFFS.ino."

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