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First cut at this; first-time Arduino user.

Carport has (6) 56-LED PCBAs screwed to each of (11) rafters in 2S3P; getting 1 amp at 48 volts.

Right now, motion sensor senses me in the driveway and turns on this "Battlestar Galactica" instrument landing system.  One LED driver's power (the top left one)is distributed in turn to each LED group.  There is 100 ms overlap, so the driver is never "unloaded" - that goofs it up for a second or two

A separate switch bypasses this and turns everything on; each rafter with its own driver for ludicrous brightness.


Getting out of the car is like getting out in a thunderstorm, so next mod is (11) ground-level motion sensors that will lock each rafter's set of LEDs "ON" when I pass under it.

Gotta figure out the code!


Detail of controller -



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