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No, you don't understand, you can connect the UPS to the ESP directly.


UPS is 5v. So use logic level converter.

But you got my attention, so supply the sensing current from the Wemos board. Also don't try and check for current flow by electronics, use the micro controller again.

So programming logic is :

If D2 and D1 Hi then Low Battery
If D5 and D1 Hi then Battery Missing
If D6 and D1 Hi then Replace Battery
If D7 and D1 Hi then On Battery
Pause so other processes occur


UPS is 5v. So use logic level converter.
You seem to contradict yourself.
Edit: they are back from holidays.
"The alarm contacts on the Eaton MPS12-30 unit are open collectors with a component such as a transistor or similar as part of the integrated circuit."
Testing on the alarm pins on the UPS, when the UPS was on battery, showed no voltage on any of the pins using the alarm signal return pin as -. Tested again using alarm signal return pin as +. Still nothing.
If it's just open collector, you don't need any extra hardware or level shifters.

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