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I am not sure what search terms will help me in this forum to connect my touch screen to one of my many arduino devices.  I got a new extra screen and my tablet is now junk. I think I got the right ribbon cable and board but am too inexperienced to figure out the hookup. Could someone point me in the right direction to help myself? Thanks.

Here is the description of the conversion board I ordered. The header is 30 pin.

-31P FPC Q070LRE-LB1 M070SWT1 LVDS Adapter Plate
   0.3 Pitch  FFC FPC conversion Board 0.3mm  Connector

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what do I need to add to get a response of some kind. just looking for direction--not put the thing together for me.
Add more details.  (What have you tried? What have you learned about the display?)

Ask for the thread to be moved (e.g. Project Guidance).

Adjust your expectations.  It is possible you are the first person on the planet to attempt what you are trying to do.  The number of people able to directly help you may be somewhere between "few" and "none".



I see that there is an LVDS adapter plate for the Raspberry Pi. Is that something I need to connect through GPIO and my ribbon board or is there something I am missing?


If you still have access to the Android OS of the tablet, you could use something like Firmata combined with an OTG cable for the tablet. Firmata essentially allows software running on the host computer in this case the Android OS communicate over the OTG with the Arduino.


At this point I just have the touch screen--no tablet. I am not sure if what I have is a driver board at the end of the ribbon or not. Maybe I need the LVDS adapter as well. I am a newbie at This kind of stuff.
I originally posted arduino but could use Raspberry Pi 2B or Orange Pi 2E Plus.

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