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This is not my project, but I hadn't seen it here.  I was messing around on youtube and though it was pretty neat, so check it out.



Very, very cool.  Thanks for posting it!


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yes that one is interesting, but andy Huntington has a better version that has a really great user interface and design...
There is a video here. Also you don't need a whole computer to run it!



hmm, "better"? yes it looks cooler, but the first one *sounds* MUCH better!



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speaking of an interface. "drool" is a crank operated drum sequencer that i am working on. this is the first working all-in-one prototype. i only have this crappy video demonstrating (to myself) the newly added <i>autoplay</i>. which is "without the crank". so the idea gets lost in the video.

the sound is generated with solenoids as well. the data is send via midi. i actually build a custom cajon for that installation, but the hardware part is still a big issue. i'm currently having one month "exhibition break" on that project.

video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQhV601jIpg#


I know all of this was from a while ago....but still.................[size=24]WOW![/size] all very cool.

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