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I tryed to load a picture with the Mega 2560 rev3 board
this TFT shield http://www.adafruit.com/products/376#Description
and followed this instruction http://learn.adafruit.com/2-8-tft-touch-shield/bitmaps
and thats what i get when i load the tiger.bmp from the sd Card.  =(
every thing else works but loading the bmp files failes.
The Serial Monitor says TFT and SD card both are initialised and it loads the picture.
Found ILI9328 LCD driver
Initializing SD card...OK!

Loading image 'tiger.bmp'
File size: 230456
Image Offset: 54
Header size: 40
Bit Depth: 24
Image size: 320x240

Someone has an idea whats going wrong there?
(On the UNO board it works so the display should be fine)

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