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Did more testing today. I ran my parsing at 150ms (up from 10ms) and it still drops out. There's no way I'm overrunning a buffer sending 20bytes every 150ms...particularly using call-response.

Have you tried going slower than 150ms on the PC side? Like a more human noticeable rate (1 s maybe)?
And then scale downwards.


150ms is already well beyond an acceptable latency (any sudden movements perceivably lag). I can try higher, but 1second is beyond useless for the type of application it's intended for (gesture sensing of a performers movements).

I'll give it a spin with 500ms maybe for testing purposes.


I'm looking at it from a testing perspective. So, at least you can confirm that this is not creating a bottleneck for the communication. :)


hi guys
kriista bro did u find a way around the problem .
Actually i am facing the same problem .But  receive the data on reciever xbee when i have bypassed the microcontroller or have my xbee directly connected to pc(monitoring output on xctu terminal).

Since this project has a deadline, any help will be appreciated


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