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I'm basically newbie to arduino and need help for a project im working on.
i know what im working with and what i need so here it goes
I have:
Arduino uno x1
arduino nano x1
NRF24l01 x2
ultrasonic sensor x1

so i'll be connecting an NRF sensor with ultrasonic sensor to arduino nano which will send a signal to arduino UNO if any object is in front of the ultra sonic sensor so the distance i need to cover is almost 10 to 12m so basically i need a clear view on how to do this im not asking for codes direct because i want to learn how to do this so if i need any other components please let me know i read in a forum that ill have to use a bypass capacitor across 3.3v and GND of arduino uno at reciever side and what should i keep at reciever side arduino UNo or a nano.

Thanks in advance!


Have a look at this Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial.

Wireless problems can be very difficult to debug so get the wireless part working on its own before you start adding any other features.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.

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