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Man, that's nice

Funny thing, the rod plays a bit of a trick on the eyes, when you look left to right it looks like it's spinning


Thanks for the kind words. The design is my own, and it's a really cheap machine - the body/frame is all baltic birch plywood sprayed with gray Krylon to seal it from moisture. The steppers give me 400 steps/rev and they drive 12 TPI leadscrews so that I ended up with 4800 steps/inch (~0.00023" step size). I couldn't afford linear bearings, so I used Delrin slides on precision ground shafting. There are a pair of steppers driving the x-axis and one stepper each on the y- and z-axis.

I'll add a photo showing the y-axis stepper so you can see the motor, mount, and leadscrew coupling - and another photo so you can (sort of) see what it looked like with the spindle attached on the first day of testing.

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