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what are the effects of these write-only registers? What kind of things I cannot do with the display?



No problems at all.   It can read the ID.  It can read the GRAM memory.

On the ILI9320 you can write to most control registers and read them back.
You can check the default values.   e.g. what the LCD_ID_readreg sketch does.

The library itself only needs to read the ID.    Few people read registers or even read GRAM.

When you run the graphictest_kbv sketch,  everything should work
e.g. Software Scroll.   The yellow text should move across the screen in.
e.g. Hardware Scroll.   The whole screen can vertically scroll.
Note that Band scroll always moves the whole screen on the ILI9320 class of controller.

Does your screen have crisp colours or do you see scan lines ?



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the screen and colors looks OK, I cannot see black lines or such.

One more thing as you know these kind of displays very well, maybe you know the answer for this question by heart: which pins remain free to use on the Arduino, after the display shield is connected?
According to the seller:  "8 bit digital interface, plus 4 control lines
Uses digital pins 5-13 and analog 0-3. That means you can use digital pins 2, 3 and analog 4 and 5. "

But it just does not seem right.
I know that the shield covers all of the pins, but I can solder a wire to it.

I need 2 interrupt pins (D2 and D3, but maybe I can use any digital pin for interrupt handling) and at least 1 but rather 3 any kind of pins (for digital output).

I want to save a few bucks by not using an Arduino Mega.

thx in advance


I needed to mirror my display so it could be viewed by reflection.

I did this by going into the display-specific library and commenting out one of the axis flippers in the code that allows you to rotate the display.  Go to the code that allows you to rotate what is displayed 180 degrees, comment out either the x or y section (whichever one is mirrored for you).  Then put the command to rotate the display in your sketch. 

This allowed me to mirror the display, but if yours is already mirrored it will probably fix your problem.

Hope this helps.

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