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I bought the Uno board and borrowed "Getting Started  With Arduino" by Massimo Banzi from the local library some years ago.

I made up some simple projects from the book-flashing LEDs and so on and made the changes to flashing times (like everyone else does) however I have become stalled on doing anything much more.

In the past I have made up many kits using soldering techniques and boards-some of them still useful and in service.
eg speed controllers for brushed 240v motors,a driver for Luxeon LEDs and so on.

I am looking for someone else in the area who I can go to and talk about some of the holdups I have with Arduino-I am sure they are incredibly dumb things that are holding me up and a few tips from an experienced person would see me on my way-I am sure Arduino is the direction to go rather than the older soldering kit methods-just not making the breakthroughs yet.

Perhaps-if it suits I could return the kindness by taking you on a sailing trip to Fraser Is-who knows!




Hey Peter let me know when you are in Brisbane and we can have a chat... I can offer a sailing trip too, not as fancy as Fraser, but Moreton bay at night can be great.

I'm more focused in low power, IoT and communication. Working on this project at the moment: http://talk2.wisen.com.au



Hi, This is an old topic. But; I'm in Maryborough also and an expert in Arduino, so let me know if you need anything done.

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