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For my current project I want to make a setup that powers certain circuits, depending on the weather forecast (let's say the coming 3 hours). Do you guys think it's possible to access, for example, http://openweathermap.org/'s API to get the data and make a simple if(rain)->power this LED else->power that one? I imagine I would need an ethernet shield, and figure out how to get this data into a readable format. Or do you think there's a much simpler solution for my problem which I haven't thought of at all?
I'm quite inexperienced with Arduino, APIs and coding in general, so any help is appreciated!

Thank you kindly in advance :)


Certainly plausible but given your level of experience you might want to do some simpler projects to gain experience first.


Thank you for your quick response.
I was already fearing that, although I am eager to learn myself if you could guide me in the right direction or give me a rough overview of the steps to take.
Otherwise, could you imagine a similar version that would be easier to implement? Alternatively, could you tell me about an example (project) that would prepare for what I'm planning to do, so to speak? I'm just having a hard time in general orientating because of the vast amount of options and projects out there..


You may wish to consider an ESP8266 board ( Adafruit Feather HUZZAH, NodeMCU, WeMos D1 mini etc) rather than an Arduino+shield as these have inbuilt WiFi connectivity.  Searching for "esp8266 openweathermap.org" will show a large number of projects to get you started.

If you have a slightly higher budget you may look at a Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone board as these have significantly more memory & processing power and more connection options.

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