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May 17, 2017, 09:32 pm Last Edit: May 17, 2017, 09:42 pm by bsweiland
I hooked up a female USB port to my Arduino, without any shields. I'm not sure where the usb's data+ and - would go, so I didn't do anything permanent there. I want to be able to plug in a keyboard my arduino. Is there anyway i could use a keyboard with it? Ive tried temporarily hooking up the two data pins to analog, and there doesn't seem to be any results. 

EDIT: I haven't used the arduino for years, and one of the analog pins is giving me random numbers at around 25, when theres nothing plugged into it. Does this mean anything?



Does this mean anything?
It means that you are not too bright trying to read an analog pin with nothing connected to it.
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If you want to connect a USB keyboard to an Arduino UNO you will need a USB Host Shield or equivalent. The Arduino Leonardo and Arduino Micro have USB in the processor so you can probably use them to read a USB keyboard using some third-party software.
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thanks john. I figured out an alternative, just going to use my raspberry pi for the keyboard and hook it up to the arduino via serial.

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