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Website and Forum / Re: Chatroom on the Arduino We...
Last post by nazim29 - Today at 12:16 pm
I have a Web app which has built-in chatroom. The chatroom was built with Flash and it will be loaded within the webpage. Any ideas and guidance to test in this scenario?

What kind of scenarios can I apply to test it?
Any automated tools to test for my scenario?
If testing is manual then please guide me what may be the criteria to test the web application with a Flash chatroom
So far I've done the following to test it :

logged into chatroom from multiple machines chatted each other
checked user criteria's (login details etc)
crash tested application
Any other things I missed?
Project Guidance / HX711 working at non expected ...
Last post by Vicpopa - Today at 12:14 pm
Hi to everyone!

I'm working on a project with the HX711 ADC but when i change the sampling frequency from 10Hz to 80Hz some of the modules work at more than 80 Hz (82 to be exact) and some others work at less than 80 Hz (77 and 79 Hz). Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance!

Humor y Debate / Re: Sublime Text 3 problemas y...
Last post by caramelito - Today at 12:13 pm
¿Y no hay uno mejor para programar en phython? a mi el sublime me convence para hacer pruebas y poco mas
¿Qué SO usas? Yo llevo un tiempo combinando sublime con Vim (por si quieres más info) es un editor basado en Linux y me parece que está bastante bien. ¿Con qué otros editores sueles programar y qué funciones buscas exactamente?
Français / Re: Liaison Raspberry arduino
Last post by lesept - Today at 12:13 pm
C'est complexe : tu es obligé de passer par le Raspberry (projet étudiant avec cahier des charges) ?
Sinon, une simple commande Bluetooth suffirait.
General Electronics / Re: 12v illuminated flick swit...
Last post by MarkT - Today at 12:12 pm
Illuminated switches have three connections, input, ground and output.  The bulb/LED is between output and
ground.  I presume you've just not shown the ground connections on that diagram as Fritzing has no symbol?

I think you mean 1.4k and 1k.   Use 1.5k and 1k as 1.5k is a more common value.  You need one resistor
divider for every switch since each switch is a separate signal.

Another way to do this is use a resistor/zener divider, say 10k+4V7, or just use a >= 10k resistor and let the
input protection diode carry the current (not as robust though).
Project Guidance / Re: need Programming help
Last post by TomGeorge - Today at 12:11 pm
Welcome to the forum.

Please read the first post in any forum entitled how to use this forum.,148850.0.html then look down to item #7 about how to post your code.
It will be formatted in a scrolling window that makes it easier to read.

Thanks.. Tom.. :)
Français / Re: PMod Nav : Problème de com...
Last post by lesept - Today at 12:09 pm
Ton capteur c'est bien celui-ci ?

Pour le branchement, tu as bien fait comme ça (I2C) ? A priori : Mega 20 -- SDA, Mega 21 -- SCL, alim 3.3V

Je ne vois pas de problème dans ton code. Le seul truc qu'il faudrait tester c'est :
Code: [Select]
#define LSM9DS1_M   0x1E // Would be 0x1C if SDO_M is LOW
#define LSM9DS1_AG  0x6B // Would be 0x6A if SDO_AG is LOW
SDO_M et SDO_AG sont des broches visibles sur le module, de l'autre côté. Si elles sont "en l'air", sont-elles considérées LOW ou HIGH ? Essaye les diverses combinaisons d'adresses (1E/1C et 6A/6B)
Hardware / Re: Comandare un vagone giocat...
Last post by frostmuffin - Today at 12:09 pm
Ops ... non lo avevo notato ...  :smiley-mr-green:

Se quella è veramete la scheda relè che usa ... la vedo grigia isolare i disturbi provocati dall'apertura/chiusura del contatto ... magari diodo e condensatore in parallelo hai contatti aiuta ... ::)

Non so , esistono alternative per comandarlo sempre tramite infrarossi? perchè comandare un relè mi è sembrata la cosa più logica da fare :/
Arduino Due / [SPI] DUE as SPI Slave
Last post by sketchgger - Today at 12:09 pm
Hey guys,

While I did managed to get the DUE configured as a Slave, the code is behaving chaotically - in the sense that it works perfectly for 15 seconds, after which the data on the MISO line gets distorted

What i mean by distorted is that I do write 0x4AD3 in the TD register, but on the oscilloscope I see something like 0xAD34. Any thoughts?

Code: [Select]

void setup()
  //Change the SPI Write Protection Mode Register
  //with the key and the Write Protection disable

  REG_SPI0_MR = (0 << SPI_MR_MSTR);
  //SPI enable
  //Changes the SPI clock and the number of bits transferred

  //wait for a valid reception: SR & SR_RDRF (Receive Data Register Full) will be set to 1
  while ((SPI0->SPI_SR & SPI_SR_RDRF) == 0)
  int16_t d = SPI0->SPI_RDR & 0x0000FFFF;

  //send a response: TDR(Transmit Data Register)
  while ((SPI0->SPI_SR & SPI_SR_TDRE) == 0)
  SPI0->SPI_TDR = 0x1234 | SPI_PCS(10);// on the oscilloscope, on the MOSI line  I get 0x4123;
Deutsch / Proportionalventil mit Arduino...
Last post by esperance - Today at 12:09 pm
Hallo Leute,

im Rahmen meiner Abschlussarbeit, konzipiere ich Miniatur Modell eines Pumpkraftwerkes. Da ich kein Elektrotechniker oder Mechatroniker bin, benötige ich eure Hilfe um ein Proportionalventil (
mit Arduino Due anzuschließen. Ich weiss das ich einen Transistor dafür brauche aber was genau für einen und was für eine Schaltung sollte es sein ist mir leider nicht klar. Das Ventil wird per PWM Singnal angesteuert.

Danke im voraus :-) 
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