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Deutsch / Re: UDP Daten empfangen
Last post by zockerlein - Today at 08:32 am
Hi :)
ja da hab ich natürlich schon geschaut, er richtet dann auch den AP ein und startet die UDP Verbindung.
nur empfängt er da nichts?
Deutsch / Re: servo brummt ?
Last post by HotSystems - Today at 08:32 am
ich hab nen stinnknormalen servo zum testen angeschlossen, .. 5V, GND, D9 ..hab den beispielcode etwas modifiziert..
bei dem ersten delay, brummt der servo so komisch, als sei er aktiv.. bei dem zweiten delay nicht .. warum?
Meist sind es die einfachen, billigen Servos, die du nicht bis an den Anschlag fahren darfst.
5 Grad weniger und es brummt nicht mehr. ;)
Deutsch / Re: Anpassung für NodeMCU
Last post by combie - Today at 08:28 am
Vielleicht möchtest du ja stattdessen einen PCA9685 nutzen.
Project Guidance / Re: advice please - Device to ...
Last post by pert - Today at 08:28 am
If you want to go low tech there's already a commercial solution:

It looks like the come in several G force ratings.

I guess the idea is partly that if the people handling your packages see the thing on there they will be more careful. I'm not sure whether the workers actually care, especially this time of year. I hear the workers at the standard shipping services will literally throw the packages across the room.

A more technological project would be interesting, though I don't know how useful the information gained will be to you. I remember seeing a video on YouTube that was actually a camera that was recording video through a small hole in a package through the whole journey. I'm not sure what kind of legal implications that might have.
I should preface this by saying that I'm not a programmer and have absolutely zero experience, so if you do choose to help me, I ask that you keep that in mind and just try to explain this to me like a five year old.

Now that that's out of the way, I'll explain my predicament:

I'm trying to make my own Stranger Things wall of lights that display messages with corresponding letters. I'm doing this for work and I stumbled on a tutorial that was pretty detailed until it got to the code. It just said, "here's the code. Have fun!" (Here's the article if you're curious:

Anyway, I pasted the code into the program and it works. But it only plays through the message once. I would like it to continue to display this message with a small delay in between. I know that I need to get it into the void loop() section. I've tried to move it there every which way I see that makes sense. The program will run but the lights don't light up. I'll attach the code I'm using at the bottom here.
Français / Re: [résolu]Pointeurs sur stru...
Last post by J-M-L - Today at 08:21 am
Français / Re: Erreur compilation
Last post by kamill - Today at 08:20 am

L'argument n'est pas le même pointeur ici:
Code: [Select]
#define LCD_MESSAGEGCODE(x) lcd_setstatusgcode(PSTR(x))
et ici:
Code: [Select]
void lcd_setstatusgcode(long int*message)
Oh no, I can spend my entire night clicking and examining a switch catalog in mouser, digi-key, or anywhere.  I ask here to get ideas of what other people have used, to help me narrow down my search.  I really like collecting switches for some reason.

I see the tact switches on eBay which is where I got the nice tact led pushbuttons.  They are almost useless since there isn't a big enough surface area to protrude out of a panel.  These are probably the core switch unit in a larger switch assembly with all the panel mount hardware around it.
What happens if it loses power or charge runs out? Or whatever charging/recharging circuit it uses fails? Or if the circuit fails? A case of can get it, but can't get out, unless it's cut or forced out?
In this case, I will simply unscrew the bottom panel of the box to have an access to the circuit.
Project Guidance / Re: issues with Hiduino with A...
Last post by PieterP - Today at 08:18 am
You don't need avrdude to flash the ATmega16U2, you can flash it over USB using dfu-programmer.

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