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The errors are because stm32duino does not define your Analog pins.    Look at a regular Uno.   It has headers with the Analog pins marked A0-A5 and Digital pins 0-13.

A simple kludge is to #define your own Analog pins.   The arguments in the constructor are dummies anyway.

I am always amazed when people buy Nano, Pro_Mini, BluePill, ... boards.

God made the Uno, Mega, Zero, Due with headers.   You just need to plug the Shield into the sockets and away you go.

Don't get me wrong.   A Nano or BluePill are small and cheap.   Excellent for fitting in a helicopter or small enclosure.   They are even practical for prototypes.   But it is your responsibility to read the writing on the pins.



David, unfortunately, I need the speed and memory of the stm32's for my project. Now if somebody produced a board with an stm32F103 with a 64 pin chip and a MEGA2560 form factor, Id be all over it. As it is, I'm trying to design my own board which will have headers etc but I need to prove that I can drive the screen etc before I commit to having them printed.

BTW, would it take much to change the SPECIAL to work with the following pins
Data on PA0 .. PA7
Control on PortB from 5..9

I read somewhere about problems using PB4 and these pins certainly work with your lcd_id_readreg sketch?



Buy a NUCLEO-F103.   Nucleos are excellent for prototyping.   Available for M0, M3, M4, M7 chips.

Once you have developed your project on the prototype board,   you can re-compile for your custom pcb.

Yes,   I could write the SPECIAL for your specific wiring.    There is little point in doing this if you have not built for your readreg wiring yet.



HI David, you have a example where you use a password for get in a new page


Does anyone have the schematic for the 3.5" tft lcd with the ili9488 chipset?

The closest one I found is named HCARDU0096_Schematic.pdf, but the forum it is posted on does not allow anyone to view it or click on the link.



Please post a link to the actual display that you have bought.
Or a photo of the pcb side of the display.



hi All,

I cannot find a driver for ILI9488 TFT board.
its specs are as follows.

400x320   ILI9488 controller I want to use this with Mega2560 and DUE boards.

can anyone help...
thank you.


Mar 06, 2017, 09:00 am Last Edit: Mar 06, 2017, 09:17 am by david_prentice
Your photo shows a write-only mega2560 Shield with an 8-bit interface.   (4 resistor packs RP1-RP4)
It is the wrong shape for 400x320.   It is probably 480x320.

As far as I know,  the only library that will work is MCUFRIEND_kbv that you can install from Library Manager.
However,  it is rather complex to configure it to work with your SPECIAL board.

Edit utility/mcufriend_shield.h to define USE_SPECIAL
Edit utility/mcufriend_special.h to define USE_MEGA_8BIT_SHIELD
Edit every sketch to force tft.begin(0x9488)

Plug the shield into the  Mega making sure that all the male pins mate with female sockets.

It is possible that your Shield has a different controller.   If 0x9488 is not 100% perfect,  try 0x9481, 0x9486, 0x1581, ...

Please let me know how you get on.   The library is intended for Uno Shields.   It is fiddly to enable SPECIALs for unusual hardware.



Thank you David,

you are right its a 480x320

" 3.95 inch LCD touch screen for arduino mega2560, Arduino due...
Resolution: 480x320
Controller: ili9488
LCD IC specifications, ili9488 MCU arm driver
Size: 9.7 cm x 6.9 cm "

copied from the Seller Page.

I will try your suggestions on weekend when I have some time free.

thanks a lot will keep the forum updated.

Fahim Baig


@Mr. Prentice

David, can I interest you in a free (FREE) TFT shield adapter and STM32 mini board (see photos)

I have just recieved 10 boards from the PCB fab house in China. Unfortunately, I have cocked up the top silk so there is no info printed on the actual board but basically on the top side of the board is a 'blue pill' with two rows of connectors for each pin on the board (except 5V which is O/C) there is two additional digital in and analog in pins and a row of 8 connectors each of 0V, 3V3 and 5V for connecting sensors etc. There is a 5V regulator and a 3V3 regulator and it can also accept LiPo battery by removing links and connecting to the pins.

On the back, is a standard Arduino UNO form factor connector for all the TFT's which are on the market.

The Eagle and Gerber files are available for anyone who wants to make their own boards. I can supply a link to the PCB shop and first orders (10 boards) are free - delivery to UK by TNT cost me about £15 so each board was about £1.50 + parts, so under £2.50.

I would simply ask that you try it out, and make any TFT drivers you get working with it available to anyone who can make use of them.

The TFT pins are connected as follows

LCD_RD     PB5
LCD_RS     PB7
LCD_CS     PB8

LCD_D0     PA0
LCD_D1     PA1
LCD_D2     PA2
LCD_D3     PA3
LCD_D4     PA4
LCD_D5     PA5
LCD_D6     PA6
LCD_D7     PA7

If you want to PM me you details, I can get one in the post to you early next week.

Best regards



Mar 18, 2017, 11:23 pm Last Edit: Mar 18, 2017, 11:29 pm by BaartCM
Re above

Link to STM32duino forum post (including eagle and gerber files)




Updated Eagle files - changes

1 - Holes for standoff pillars.
2 - 5V connected through so TFT etc. powered up when on USB power. Just remember to NOT use boards own power supply at the same time as USB or magic smoke may ensue.

Please PM me with additional ideas. Lets make this the go-to design to interface the blue pill with UNO type TFT shields for prototyping.

Remember, I'm not selling anything, I'm making the design freely available.


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