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Project Guidance / Re: code issues, two buttons ...
Last post by Wawa - Today at 02:04 am
Did yo use a (10k) pull down resistor on the button.
Project Guidance / Re: Hall Effects Sensor with D...
Last post by TomGeorge - Today at 02:02 am
I got it to work! Thanks anyway.
What did you do, to keep in the spirit of the forum please show us what you have done to get your project to work.
Thanks.. Tom.. :)
Project Summary. Turning a wooden cigar box into 2 player tic tac toe. Green leds for X, Red for O. Recessed dome buttons in lid of box. will skin the top of the box with paper graphics covered in clear contact paper. Once done I would like to be able to hook it up easily to demonstrate and unhook arduino for use in other things. I wondered if it would be possible to skip the step of re-uploading the sketch via computer.  I am still working on the project itself and not ready for this step but wanted to throw the concept out there of plug and go shields with embedded sketches.
Displays / Re: LCD problem.
Last post by ted - Today at 02:00 am
Displays / Re: LCD problem.
Last post by ted - Today at 02:00 am
Can you make some improvement in code posting,this is how it is look in another forum.
Displays / Re: LCD problem.
Last post by ted - Today at 01:57 am
Thanks for advice,problem with LCD is solved,I have a new one - LED.
LEDon PC14 is not responding to this command.

Code: [Select]
if (PB13 == 1 && PB15 == 1)

Code: [Select]
if (PB13 == 1 && PB15 == 1)
    digitalWrite(PC14, HIGH);
    LED = 1;
    digitalWrite(PC14, LOW);
    LED = 0;
Displays / Re: MD Parola displaying wrong...
Last post by CrossRoads - Today at 01:50 am
Wiring error? Does Segment e also turn on when segment c turns on, say for displaying a 1?
Sensors / Re: Stretch Sensor to Measure ...
Last post by boomshikie - Today at 01:49 am
thanks for the reply! :D

that makes a lot of sense with the potential inaccurate readings.  however if the testing was set up to be in the same position every time, can the stretch sensor produce a "weight" reading?  The main goal is to understand the initial stretch reading, and then once the content has been changed, to measure again and see the "difference" from the initial reading.  Do you think this is possible?

With the other suggestion of the "load cell", is the suggestion to have this sensor on the top of the shoulder?  assuming I am measuring the pressure produced from the contact of the strap to the shoulder?

Programming Questions / Re: "step" function
Last post by ArcherThompson - Today at 01:47 am
Ah yep I bet thats it! thanks!
But you decide to ask in the ARDUINO forum for help?  :(

Well, I mean, this is "other" hardware development, isn't it?
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