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Français / Re: Acheter un clone "Arduino"...
Last post by 68tjs - Today at 07:45 pm
A ce prix tu peut en cramer 10 pour le prix d'une officielle :smiley-mr-green:

Mais attention aux délais de livraison, quand tu es pressé tu as l'impression que le cargo s'est transformé en barque à rames.
Deutsch / Re: Schrittmotor soll drehen b...
Last post by agmue - Today at 07:45 pm
Mit der Bibliothek AccelStepper im Hinterkopf: Du gibst dem Motor eine Drehrichtung und Geschwindigkeit, dann fragst Du ständig nach der Entfernung und stoppst, wenn die Entfernung einen Wert unterschreitet.

Eine Position "360 Grad" hat da eigentlich keine Bedeutung und ein Schrittmotor wird wie ein DC-Motor verwendet. Macht ja möglicherweise Sinn, weiß ich nicht.
As you have it at the moment you only ever do stuff when a new serial data value is received.
It took me some time but I finally got what you meant :-)

I separated both the if loops here

if(Serial.available() > 0)     
      data =;       
      if(data == 'a')


if(Serial.available() > 0)     
      data =;       
   }//this is the change
      if(data == 'a')

and it worked with no other changes.(except for removing the exit())

Thanks a lot.
Product Design / Re: Looking for Project Sponso...
Last post by J-M-L - Today at 07:45 pm
Steve Jobs reportedly sold his VW van in the 1970s to buy a circuit board in order to build a computer that helped launched his fruit company...

if you can't find people willing to invest in your project, and you are convinced it's good - and want to do it all yourself  then sell something you have to get there...

if you don't have a car to sell, sell you programming and design skills for a a few months - make money and invest in the future you...

Money never comes cheap...
Put the antenna above the soil, using coaxial cable for the connection (and the antenna).
Generale / Re: modulo bluetooth per firma...
Last post by gpb01 - Today at 07:44 pm
Perché prendere un HC-06 e non un HC-05? ... Il 06 è solo "slave" mentre il 05 può essere sia "slave" che "master" ed è molto più flessibile.

Had a quick look on ebay....

4 quid for 10 metres.  Good for 500C

So if you cut it into 10 that's about 40p a pop plus a few seconds of oxy-acetylene.

If you haven't access to the kit, visit a local backstreet car repair garage.

Français / Re: Acheter un clone "Arduino"...
Last post by younes-bouhlel - Today at 07:44 pm
Et merci pour toutes les réponses je lis tout sa.
Project Guidance / Re: help speeding up code or d...
Last post by PaulRB - Today at 07:44 pm
Apologies, I did not bother to follow the link in the OP (my excuse is that it was not posted properly).

Now that I have, many of my suggestions do not apply. I was imagining an atmega328 was being used. An esp32 has way more ram and speed. Which makes me wonder why its response to the sensor is so poor.
Français / Re: Impossible de téléverser, ...
Last post by 68tjs - Today at 07:42 pm
Même remarque que là :
Reponse #5

Tant que vous n'êtes pas sur un serveur multi-utilisateurs ce n'est pas la peine de se casser la tête.
Et en plus vous pouvez très simplement installer autant de versions que vous voulez, que demander de plus ?

Nous disposerions d'un véritable paquet "deb" comme il y a quelques années ok pour installer en multi-utilisateur mais le mainteneur du paquet à jeter l'éponge devant le foutoir des deux arduinos et n'a toujours pas repris cette charge de travail et je crains que ce ce soit définitivement mort.
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