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Dear all,

I'm Zakaria a total novice:  I'm a bit lost, I never built an arduino before. I may post this in the wrong topic and apologizes in advance.

My problem is simple: I have a remote control with one button on it. I want to build a Arduino robot that push this button every 30 minutes. This is quite an emergency for me the well being of a loved one is at stake.

I have two questions:

  • What ressources do I need to build this kind of robot? (besides the arduino): I tought of stuff like a servomotor, a support to handle the remote, but again what kind of support? The answer of this question will allow me to order all the stuff that I need in one shot.

Do you have in mind simillar project in mind, where I can find inspiration? If so please give me a link.

Thank you in advance for you help.



A novice Arduino project and an emergency with the well being of a loved one at stake is not a safe combination. You always need to think of worst case scenarios. Electrical, mechanical, software bugs are an inevitable reality in the development of a project even for a professional. If an error causes an LED blinky not lighting up or a robotic toy car turning left instead of right, no big deal. You find the bug, fix it, learn some things, and have fun. When safety is involved the stakes are much higher.


I totally agree with you. There is no safety matter on my project.  I would never risk that. The only purpose of my project is to make the person's life easier.

Even in the worst case scenario: imagine that the robot push the button multiples times without stopping, it won't do any arm because the remote reacts under specific conditions. No worries.

Thank you for your reply.


If the remote control is for a TV or similar device, you might be able to use an Arduino with IR sensor to record the signal and an IR LED to play it back periodically. This is simpler than a mechanical button pushing device.

However, some remote controls use unusal signals or different frequencies so may not work with the sensors and software mentioned in the tutorial.



The only purpose of my project is to make the person's life easier.
Then it's not really an emergency is it?
If at first you don't succeed, up - home - sudo - enter.


Then it's not really an emergency is it?
I want to make his life easier as soon as I can. It is something important for me, understand it like this.

@GdSPORT, thank you for your advices. The fact is I only want to make a robot that push physically a single button in a remote control that is linked by a cable in another machine. I don't want to interact with this remote by another way than it is design for (by pushing the button). I can't get inside, because I don't want to corrupt a well design system.


Get a small servo.
Make the arduino move the servo.
Let the servo arm press the button. - That's the easy part.

Combine Arduino, servo and adequate power supply into a unit.
Attach the unit to the remote so the servo arm presses button.
Make it look half good, be reliable and removable. - That's the hard part.

(better to open the remote and take it from there...)

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