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Does some one has a Tutorial for this , im a bit confused


Does this also work with PIC16F505-I/P?


Hi, cool project, very nice.
I want to try it.
The reason is that I am developing a project that can benefit from it. My project uses a PIC bootloader, and this Arduino-PIC Programmer seems to be a nice combination to my project.
[My questions]
It seems that I can use the 16F628A or 16F88 or 16F886/887 for tests, right?
And, is there a list of already tested MCUs?
The GUI Uploader Application is also available?
Is there any current website with information about it?

*The photo in this post is the micro-black-box (as in aviation) prototype, which is part of the Moleculine Project.

Below URL to software I am using:
My Project is called Moleculine Project:

MicroBlackBox Prototype:

Also, there is another PIC Programmer using RaspberryPI here (which I am also using):

The PIC bootloader I am using help developing (modifying):

The Python GUI software uploader I am using and help developing (modifying):

Thanks all,
Valter Fukuoka
Nagoya City, Japan


Try to use Arduinopic program without success..
when I write my .hex to pic it pass ok and Arduinopic shows "Finished"
but when I try to read data from pic I get ONLY 49 data words with complete different data.
Anyone had this problem?
What It could be?


Hi guys,

I've been trying to program a 627A over the last week or so. I initially tried Soranne's code, but I didn't have much success and I wanted to write a PC-side programming script compatible with linux anyway. In the end, I wrote a new sketch based on Sorrane's, and managed to get the programming working (I think the issue might be due to slightly different timings needed for the -A version).

Anyway, everything's detailed more on my post and GitHub page. Hopefully it's of use to someone!


I cannot get it to work. What am I doing wrong?

I upload the code into the Arduino
I connect the PIC16F88 to the Arduino
I connect the USB
I connect the 12V
I hit the reset on the Arduino
I sent the reset command 'r' to the Arduino
I sent the HVP command 's' to the Arduino
I execute:
Code: [Select]
for i in `cat gateway2.hex`; do echo w$i >> /dev/ttyACM0; sleep 0.01s; echo i >> /dev/ttyACM0; sleep 0.01s; done
NOTE: For every line in the hex code it sends 'w' + <line data> to the Arduino. Then it sleeps for 1ms. Then it sends 'i' to the Arduino to increment the PC. Then it sleeps for 1ms.
Every command is acknowledged by the Arduino with 'D'. Still it seems to not be programmed. The 'r' command always returns 00000000. It seems the PC is never incremented.


I know this a very old forum but putting question expecting some reply. I tried the method mentioned to program PIC18F2525 but no success. Could any one advise how a PIC18F2525 chip can be programmed using arduino?

Sorry for my English.


Hello, I was confused by this post.
I rode the circuit as the image, and I sent the BlinkLed program for the pic, after completed , the ArduinoPic.exe show me Success message but, didn't work.

Would someone help with this.
I Used arduino Mega 2560 and PIC 16f628A.
Would someone draw the schematic in the Fritzing Program to be more clear to understand.

Thanks advance.


arduinopic give me error : error im hex file : missing colon
 :o  :o  :o  :o  :'(  :'(  :'(  :'(  :'(


      your project is very interesting. but help me where i can include the code which is to be written into the pic.


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I am very interested in this project.

I want to program a PIC using a tablet with ARM processor

1. Arduino
Arduino Microchip programmer:

Arduino droid:

Arduino commander
From Google Play - Free

I do not understand what kind of Arduino is used here as programator.

The discussion is old, in 2012, I not know if anyone responding there.
I have PIC12F675 with 12Vpp
and PIC30F2020 with 5Vpp


Hello guys,

this project looks very interesting!
But I've one questions: As I'm using OSX and Linux, is it possible to get this program as a bash script? Otherwise I may write a script on my own if you can provide source code or process description!

Best regards!


Why need to short pins 4, 5 and 6 in initial circuit?

When pin states are changed one pin in HIGH state may be connected to other pin in LOW state during short time.
I think in that time pins current exceed limit.

I test ardpicprog. Only one pin used to supply VDD. Moreover I connect PIC.VDD, DATA and CLK to Arduino by 220 OHm resistors and it seems work (I use PIC16F630).


Kinda coming in on the trailing end myself..  I just recovered an old 'Telezapper' (Privacy Technologies Inc.  Supposed to have warded-off telemarketers from your analog land-line, by generating a tone that told the telemarketers that your phone line was a Commercial Business line, and thus Illegal to keep on their bulk-dialling list.) And it has... a 12C508A sitting there.   I just briefly scanned through the thread, and a few quick follow-up questions (and please point me to the answers?) Can the ArduinoPIC programmer READ the content of the PIC's EEPROM, and how difficult is it to wire-up out of off-the-shelf parts for the complete (read/write) programmer hardware?


and soranne your project page (https://sites.google.com/site/thehighspark/arduino-pic18f )  is broken
is there any alternative link??
It is there now, anyway.

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