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I am having problems with my modules, the blue led only comes on when I connect to 3.3v from arduino  and then it turns off, does this blue led needs to be flashing always on or something? Because when I connect it to a wifi connection, it does say connected and reconnects every minute or so but when I try sending information over thingspeak or twitter it takes like a whole minute to process in the serial and then it says >close and nothing is posted.
Another thing I tried powering it from a power source from wall socket, with 5v did a voltage divider to 3.3 plugging 550mA and even 1A and the module is completely dead, does it need a capacitor or something? cause I connect it back to the arduino 3.3v and does the same thing as mentioned in first paragraph turns on and off only 1 time when initially plugging to UNO. This is why I tried a higher current because I thought the led might need to be flashing or always on and probably its not because it is not receiving enough current from arduino uno.

Any tips and advices are greatly appreciated.

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