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Español / Re: Actuar según la tensión de...
Last post by surbyte - Today at 03:06 am
Muy muy raro lo que planteas.
Una bateria asociada a un panela solar requiere de un cargador solar, que admite tensiones en un rango amplio justamente porque el sol tiene gran variabilidad.
Dispones de un cargador solar? Porque tal como lo planteas sería mejor usar un Arduino para armar un cargador de baterias que ademas aproveche el máximo de tu panel solar

Este sería un ejemplo de lo que digo link
Claro que no sirve a tu situación porque a lo sumo hablan de 17V y tu de 30V seguramente para cargar una batería de 24V pero es adaptable.
Incluso menciona no usar el AD8212 y la resistencia shunt y en su lugar un ACS712 que es de facil integración.
A la entrada se ve un divisor resistivo y hay otro a la salida. Estos debería modificarse para baterías de otros valores.
Los transitores MOSFET serían los mismos. Al igual que el driver MOSFET.
Basicamente el único cambio serían los divisores de tensión.
_onReceive is a pointer:
Code: [Select]
       void (*_onReceive) (void);

You have to dereference it before you call it:
Code: [Select]
      (*_onReceive) ();
You have the input to the LED driver wired directly across gnd and 5V of the arduino, the pot is not controlling the LED driver.

I would not be sharing a pot control with another device and the UNO, you have no idea what the voltage/current conditions are in the LED driver.

What is your LED driver, please post link to data/spec.

Thanks.. Tom... :)

Hardware / Re: Sensor de vibración tipo f...
Last post by fjtrsq - Today at 03:03 am
La verdad es que no he conseguido mantener la tensión con el condensador, de hecho al conectar el condensador no me da ninguna señal. He probado desde 1uF hasta 100 uF.  Si alguien tiene alguna idea sería bien recibida.
Si no trataré de hacerlo por software.
Project Guidance / Re: Help. I'm newbie
Last post by Romiez_Fach - Today at 03:03 am
OK, i have a sign board for my tiny kiosk and some PC for daily use . Usually i turn it on when afternoon until 21 PM, someday at mid night lightning burn my arduino, led and CPU even i have shut down my PC. So i decide make switch to cut the line between sign board - PSU. So when i close/ stop the Jinx software then relay cut the power supply outlet and cut data cable between led and arduino.
(sorry for my bad english)
Microcontrollers / Re: Processor supported list ...
Last post by pert - Today at 03:02 am
The Arduino IDE makes it very easy to create 3rd party hardware packages to add support for processors other than those supported by the official Arduino hardware packages. The side effect of this is that there is no definitive list of supported processors and the number of supported processors is ever growing.

There is a list of 3rd party packages that may be installed via Boards Manager here:
but it's not comprehensive. For example, this very popular STM32 package is not listed:

If the processor you want is not currently supported you always have the option of creating your own hardware package. Making such a project publicly available is a significant contribution to the Arduino community. You can find details on this here:
It's also helpful to use other packages as a reference.
Because what it is doesn't answer my questions that i had. 
OK.  Go on then.  Don't come back asking about this stupidity until you're ready to help someone help you. 

i try to help the arduino community.
No, you're wasting people's time by asking vague unanswerable questions.   You should stop that.  It's rude. 

So can we please end this on good terms.
Bye.  Please don't come back asking about this stupidity if you aren't willing to let someone help you with it. 
Because what it is doesn't answer my questions that i had. I'm trying to be a nice guy here and i try to help the arduino community. I dont plan on making any money off of this code. So can we please end this on good terms.

@Help_Me, do not cross-post.  Threads merged.

My code is also formatted as a library
It might be better to get the code to work before you do that.
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