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Arduino 101 / Re: 101 curieBLE multiple peri...
Last post by ballscrewbob - Today at 07:46 pm

The only thing I know for sure is that you have a 101 and want to connect some autonomous commercial BT speed sensors (of unknown origin) to it on a bicycle with a very very short connection time and send that data to a PC at a later time.

I don't know if all the senors are all on one bike or how many per bike or if there are multiple bikes.
Hard-wiring a sensor to a 101 is exceptionally possible on a bike and the better option. (as mentioned above)

You haven't mentioned the amount of data likely collected or even if you have tried a single unit.

So sorry but my last request for specifics went unheeded.

Vague descriptions of vague things do nothing to instill confidence in me following up much more.

PLEASE go to the link I provided and PLEASE read the WHOLE of that post so that you get a better idea of what sort of information you need to be giving to anyone else that may follow this topic.
Sensors / Re: Load cell with only two wi...
Last post by jremington - Today at 07:45 pm
You can use one strain gauge in a Wheatstone bridge with 3 passive resistors, but then linearity and temperature corrections could be very important.
Français / Re: probleme de coherence de f...
Last post by kamill - Today at 07:44 pm
Comme poidstarget et poidslu sont des flottants tout le calcul est fait en flottant
Il suffit donc d'écrire
Code: [Select]
long duration= (poidstarget-poidslu)/1000*valreference;
Hardware / Re: nuovo progetto
Last post by mikibenx - Today at 07:44 pm
uno come server tutti gli altri contemporaneamente client
come nel disegno
Français / Re: vérification PCB
Last post by cbrandt - Today at 07:43 pm

En fait je me suis dans doute mal exprimé, il s'agissait du pcb en lui-même, par exemple taille des pistes, placement des condensateur, nécessité d'un plan de masse...
Le circuit en lui-même fonctionne actuellement sur breadboard, et je voudrais le pérenniser avec un pcb bien propre.
L'image du Teensy et du DRV8825 sont juste là pour permettre de repérer facilement les pins d'alimentation, de signaux etc, les noms des pins n'apparaissant pas sur mon schéma.
Pour ce qui est du double face, ben... c'est le même prix que pour du simple face, autant en profiter :)

Merci pour ta remarque, je vais peut-être pouvoir me passer des condos du coup... à voir.
Français / Re: Calcul de courant à traver...
Last post by -Standby - Today at 07:42 pm

C'est un montage qui est connu, il y a déjà des articles qui explique son fonctionnement.

Celui-ci est assez complet.
I have an elegoo uno R3 microcontroller. No matter the program, it will not upload to the board.
LEDs and Multiplexing / Re: LED profile switching
Last post by PaulRB - Today at 07:42 pm
Will done for using code tags. Let's see your best attempt at merging the two sketches.
Français / Re: Calcul de courant à traver...
Last post by kamill - Today at 07:41 pm

Le IRF540 n'est pas adapté à une commande niveau TTL ou CMos 5V et encore moins 3.3V.
Il faut utiliser une Mos 'Logic-Level Gate Drive' comme le IRL540.
Hi all,
I want to connect a Nodemcu Lolin V3 to a nRF24L01+. I'm using the library RF24-master.
I tested the circuit with 2 Arduino Nanos and all was Ok (1 button on a Nano and 1 led on second Nano lighting when button is pressed).
But when I try to make same circuit changing Nano's to Nodemcu nothing works.

Is the RF24-master lib compatible with ESP8266??
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