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Project Guidance / Re: Steering wheel , which ard...
Last post by MorganS - Today at 04:49 am
Making the Nano act as a HID USB device may be possible but there's many other Arduino variants which do this with almost no programming at all.

Using some method other than HID USB is also going to be much more problematic. The OP did say "for games" without specifying that they're PC games, but that's my assumption.
Programming Questions / Re: clock /timer ???
Last post by GolamMostafa - Today at 04:45 am

during programme excution  the first pir sensor will be triggered and this should start a clock/ timer from zero.

You have clearly indicated in your statement that the Timer will begin 'time counting' from zero, and this counting will be initiated only when the 1st pir sensor is activated.

millis() has started counting time long before your 1st pir sensor has activated. Use of millis() is not objectionable, but it does not quite agree with your statement.

If you don't feel comfort of using interrupts of Post #3,  you may use polling methodology for sensing the active conditions of your sensors.


However, use of millis() as suggested by @aarg is a good option for you.


Draw a simple Flow Chart of the solution that you have created in your mind for your problem, and then convert it into Arduino/C instructions. This approach will inspire you tremendously to think yourself what to try/do next to solve the problem. In the long run, you will discover that you have attained the capability of solving many problems without depending much on others. Learning from yourself is the best way of learning!

Cars without disabled plates can still park in disabled spots if they are transporting someone who is disabled, or waiting for someone who is disabled. People with temporary disabilities will not have placards or license plates. Someone using their own car to transport a disabled individual is legal to use such spots.
There is no way for an automatic system to monitor 'legitimate' uses of the parking spots.
Yes there is a way, you can give a rfid card to every disabled person, that's a huge logistic, nightmare but possible in theory.
As I said previously....

Ok that's exactly the system i need to develop, this project is for my thesis so i can't just buy a service, i need to develop it, from which i understood the sensors can't be bought, they come with the implementation of the service.
Displays / Re: Nextion TFT
Last post by TKall - Today at 03:58 am
Maybe a little more than a few hours....The Nextion documentation and forum is pretty cryptic.  Take a look at the youtube videos and download the example library.   I am in the middle of it all and am finding it quite challenging.
Sensors / Re: MPU6050 sensor and Load ce...
Last post by jremington - Today at 03:53 am
Always use code tags ("</>" button) to post code.

For faster output, print faster. Use a Baud rate higher than 9600, like 115200.


You are right.

The library was Maths.h and not maths.h.

Changed and complied ok.
Please post a picture of your project so we can see your component layout.

The high side driver TC4426EPA you said did work, why not try it again, this time don't do something "stupid" including change connections with power truned on.

Please put a fuse in the power line to the battery.

Tom... :)
I had a fuse.
Now i have no more driver to test it, new ones come tuesday but now i read about them and it seems like they are made to drive low side switch

Also i saw a driver which drive High side using a n channel mosfet, and i think i'll try this too

Anyway.. I don't know what should i do right now and this is why i posted this

Edit: also i didn't change the connections
What fried my driver was a bug in fading the bulbs off while doing something else, that freezed the arduino for a second( freezed not by delay function), a code bug that i didn't tought it can affect or even fry the driver

Edit2:tnx for replys, i'll post a photo of the actual circuit tomorrow, keep an eye on this :d
(Another post has come in and I have read it.)

If it was for an Arduino it would be math.h not Maths.h
I shall try it shortly, but I now feel I have to explain EVERYTHING as there is confusion awry here.

I am programming an ARDUINO.
To PROGRAM it, I am using a RPI.   NOT windows.
Time and time I have been told USE THE WINDOWS ONE - IT IS BETTER.
I can't on a RPI.  And I am not going to run windows on a RPI.   I am using the RPI IDE.

I went off and tried to find links on how to calculate sunrise and set times.   All in weird languages I didn't understand.

Looking for ARDUINO libraries I found sunrise -  link posted in first post.
It didn't work.   It gives the same error as shown below.

Now granted Pete just said there is a difference with RPI and ARDUINO version names.  Arduino being maths.h and RPI being Maths.h.

Given I am getting/downloading the ARDUINO version the case of the library SHOULD not be an issue.
I'll check now anyway, but I think it is a bit childish being flamed for not knowing that when it should be for the arduino.

I am stating I am using the RPI so any limits the IDE has over the "better" one can be allowed for, as I have also been flamed for not stating which IDE I am using before as well.

It is a lose lose situation for me no matter which way I go.

I am still learning this stuff and am asking to learn.
I don't get it that if you all know the answers why you are so afraid to answer the questions I ask - how ever dumb they are.

So what is below is sort of retrospective....   But I don't feel like posting more "as we go" posts each time I get something done/resolved or another issue comes up.

Alas back to square 1.

In file included from SunriseSunset.ino:1:0:
/home/pi/sketchbook/libraries/TimeLord/TimeLord.h:4:19: fatal error: Math.h: No such file or directory
  #include <Math.h>
compilation terminated.
So it remains a mystery to me that if maths.h is supposed to be included, what is going on.

The link where this came from
You already have math.h.
math.h is part of the core that gcc brings to the party. Arduino-specific libraries do need to be downloaded.
I'm at a loss.
General Electronics / Re: quick POT question
Last post by edgemoron - Today at 03:48 am
You didn't use a non-linear audio volume control pot, did you?

EDIT: OOPS! Sorry Wawa, I lurched in too quick.  :-[
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