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Hi, sorry if this sounds simplistic or silly but I am a newbie (and the wrong side of 70) and just starting in this field. I am wondering if the 32 x 16 display panel can programmed to run in the vertical format. For example I would like to have the numeral 8 vertical and blinking. Why? I would like to make a kart racing pit board if possible. Thank you in advance. Chris


If it's the economy LCD text displays, the answer is no.
  ... with a transistor and a large sum of money to spend ...
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I have seen web pages for making custom characters for 2- or 4-line LCD displays.


So I guess it's possible with a lot of coding.


I have seen web pages for making custom characters for 2- or 4-line LCD displays.
There are (normally) ony 8 definable characters, I don't think that will be enough.
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Post a link to the display you have in mind. I guess it must be quite large for this application.


Thank you all for the replies. Here is the display I was enquiring about. What would be the maximum number of LEDs in a one numeral display? (How high - wide?)



That would work. The digits can be as big as you want. You could make one single digit as big as the display.

For a guide on how to magnify existing digits, have a look at the code inside the Adafruit libraries for their LCDs. They have a very simple method of adjusting the text size which could be adapted to this display if it's not already in the freetronics library.
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Thank you MorganS. Will keep plugging away. Do you know if anyone has made a pit-board display before?


If you look at that page you linked to, there is a lot of documentation listed at the bottom.

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