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Project Guidance / Re: Reading, modifying and out...
Last post by ndc71 - Today at 05:48 pm
Hi all, many thanks for the help so far.

I've not been able to find a datasheet for the crank position sensor I'm using so far so it looks like I will have to pull out the scope when I get a chance and measure it in situ. I doubt its much different to other sensors of the same type, manufacturer is FAE.

Think there will be at least 8000 events per second at 8000 rpm if that helps assuming a 60 position trigger wheel working with the VR sensor.

One of my concerns was if it would be fast enough, would a due be a better choice?
Project Guidance / Re: Arduino HC-05, Master can ...
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 05:47 pm
Isn't this the same question as in your other Thread where you have had a number of Replies

I am not going to waste my time as I may be just duplicating other people's comments.

You could click Report to Moderator and ask to have the two Threads merged.

Deutsch / Re: Serielle Kommunikation zwi...
Last post by BJDK - Today at 05:45 pm

seriell ist ja eigendlich als point to point gedachst, soll heissen wenn Du drei Teilnehmer hast benötigt einer zwei Schnittstellen, damit wirds dann schwierig.

Bei jeder Verbindung must Du dir letztlich Gedanken machen wie Du den Datenfluss synchronisiers, Startkennung Endkennung.  Ansonsten ist seriell ja eigendlich einfach, mit dem Monitor machst Du ja nichts anderes. Einer muss halt senden und der andere muss stänig auf der Lauer liegen und lauschen, wenn er die Startkennung erkennt kann er die Daten einlesen und zuordnen,  in Deinem Beispiel also 5 int Werte. Ab der Endkennung wartete er dann wieder auf die Startkennung.  

Ich kenne mich mit Ic2 nicht aus, aber das ist ein Bussystem.  da gibts einen Master der fragt beim Slave an und dann sendet der los. Meist verwendet der Master dazu eine Umlaufliste.

Vielen Dank für die Erklärung!
Hardware / Re: Problemas LCD
Last post by OscarFdez - Today at 05:44 pm
Buenas, tu problema es que al quitar la carga lo que muestra el LCD es aleatorio no?
Eso puede ser porque si quitas la carga y dejas la conexión al aire no sabes lo que estás leyendo entonces alomejor no tienes ese caso contemplado en tu programación. Prueba a poner un valor por defecto para el caso que no hayas puesto aún.
Deutsch / Re: Serielle Kommunikation zwi...
Last post by Thorsten4171 - Today at 05:43 pm
Also ist die Funktion getData() in deinem code vorhanden und du hast sie nur nicht gepostet?
So wie jezt darsteht ist es nur der Aufruf der Funktion.
Project Guidance / Re: Arduino HC-05, Master can ...
Last post by slipstick - Today at 05:43 pm
i am not quite sure how to poste code, but if needed i can work something out.
Reading "How to use this forum - please read" which is at the top of this and every other forum might give you some useful hints...that is what it's there for.

Also, I'm a bit confused about the serial ports. Adafruit says in this tutorial we need to use #define Serial SerialUSB" at the top of the sketch in order to print out in the serial monitor, but the examples for Arduino Zero in the IDE just use "Serial".

My biggest question is: can I print out to the serial monitor via the native USB port and use hardware serial to communicate with a module? If so, which "Serial" instances should I use? I'm assuming "SerialUSB" is the virtual port which I can use for serial monitor debugging (like ATmega32u4) and "Serial1" is pins 0 and 1 for hardware serial to communicate with a module, etc.
Programming Questions / Re: How to work with array?
Last post by UKHeliBob - Today at 05:40 pm
Code: [Select]
for (int i = 0, i < 2, i++){Wrong syntax.  Read up on for loops
General Electronics / Re: High resistivity wire
Last post by certicoms - Today at 05:40 pm
I thought about using a capacitor to have a similar behavior, but I have two problems with that. The first is that the reaction must be fast (at least 1kHz) and accurate and the second is how to correctly charge the capacitor from the touch of the finger? While the resistive wire would be simple and fast.
You haven't given any real information or posted links to the motor or motor driver you're using or posted any code or said how everything is powered.

My guess is you don't have sufficient power to move the motor. But without information it is just a guess.


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