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I am surprised that I don't seem to be able to find a simple , off the self, sketch to run a UNO as an I2c-USB adapter.

It seems a fairly obvious thing to want to do and though there are over the counter FTDI adapters which are cheaper than an genuine UNO, I don't have one close to me and I don't want to wait a week for a delivery. I need to test some equipment.

I do have an spare UNO lying around.

Can anyone point me to a sketch which does this? I don't want to spend all day re-inventing what I'm sure exists already.



There probably is, but what is the point ?
You would have to write the serial communication, and it will be hard to cover every possible situation.

The Arduino Wire library has certain functions. It is not possible to issue commands and let it do a seperate start or stop for example.

Can you write a sketch that interfaces with the device ? and perhaps send commands over the serial bus at a higher level ?


Of course it's been done before, the original commercial version was the Bus Priate from Dangerous Prototypes. If you Google "bus pirate with arduino", the first hit is:



Thanks, looks like the job. Sadly it does not compile.

I fixed a warning which was promoted to error but then got another....

Seems like it needs a little care. Debugging needed.

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