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Ok, I am fairly new to Arduino, but have been on computers forever and programming for a number of years.  Here is my problem.

I have been working with a chipKIT MAX32 for a couple of weeks successfully, but needed to add a touchscreen to it.  Ordered a 5 incher from ITead with their MEGA shield, but in looking at the docs, realized that it might work better with a stock Arduino MEGA, so ordered a MEGA 2560 at the same time, and that is when my troubles started.

When I plugged in the MEGA, I couldn't communicate with it.  I got a device error of code 10 - device failed to start.  Researched the heck out of this, with no real solutions appearing.  Tried same board on my wife's computer, and it won't even load the drivers for it, so apparently a bad board.  Eight hours wasted...  :0

Today, I decided to work with my MAX32 again.  Go to start MPIDE, and I get the dreaded lauch4j error.  Looked at all the many instances of this problem, and can't find a solution.  In order:

Updating rxtxSerial.dll - guess what, my version doesn't have this file!  It now has a file named rxtxComm.dll.  So, this won't help me any.

Turn off bluetooth/wi-fi - Don't have bluetooth, and turning off my wifi didn't change anything.

Rename the sketchbook folder under My Documents - did that, no joy.  Still get the launch4j error.

So, anyone else have any ideas?  I definitely think this project I am working on is cursed...

Louis Davis

This error can also be caused by a corrupt preferences.txt file.
Delete this file and relaunch the IDE to see if it clears it up.
See here for info to help you locate the file:


No, already tried this as well.  No luck...


Ok, I finally found the problem.  During all the rigamorole in dealing with the MEGA boards serial troubles, I had downloaded the latest drivers and some of the files had gotten extracted into the MPIDE folder.  When removing all those files, I got a few too many, including rxtxSerial.dll.  I unzipped the download into a new folder, and noticed the new files there.  Copied them back into the original, and now I am up and running again!

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