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I have been building remote sensors for various things and having a lot of fun doing so. Recently I have been making them look more professional. The first step was putting them in proper boxes with cable glands on the cables that come out and putting the power source inside. They look good till I go to mount them to a post. Then I am having to use tape, or string.(I am thinking wire to mount them would not be ideal with the radios inside) Not very professional. When I was mounting the batteries outside I could use smaller boxes that have screw holes to mount things with such as the first attached image.

Now that I am putting the batteries inside, a must for the ones that are in the weather, I am needing a bigger box. The ones that I have been finding look like the second attachment. The final product looks good, but I have not figured out a good way to mount those to a post or a wall. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions with these kinds or similar kinds of boxes. Failing that or know where to source some boxes that are at least 55mm by 55mm by 150mm and have a better mounting system? Like the smaller box would be perfect, but I have not been able to find them.



Have you tried the phrase "junction box" in your e-commerce site?  There is all kinds of boxes available in the electrical world.

Otherwise you might have to be more specific- removable or permanent?  Fixed to what kind of surface? Exposed to the elements or not? Likely to be vandalised/stolen or not?


I have looked into junction boxes. Having a hard time finding any in a reasonable size. Most are either tiny or cabinet sized.

I am hunting for a box that I canuse for most things that I am likely to do. Size is 55mm by 55mm by 150mm or larger, though rather not get over 200mm.

Most of them will be exposed to the elements, so water proof is a must.

I do not get what you mean by removable vs permanent. In most cases I am happy mounting it and forgetting all about it for 6+ months till the batteries die, then I will need to get into it to change the batteries. If I can do that with out unmounting it great. If I have to unmount it that is ok.

The surface will always be some kind of wood, be it a power pole, fence post or a wall made with boards.

The box that I showed as the larger one that I am having problems mounting claims to be able to use the same holes as the ones that I use to close to the box to mount them to a wall. I have not figured out how that could be done other than removing the screws and putting in skinny long wood screws, through the whole thing, but doubt that would be a very good way as I am not sure the lid would be on tight enough to keep it closed.


The above is a similar box that has more pictures. I have yet to find a box in that size range that had as place to just screw in a screw and be done with the mounting. Lots claim to use the same hole as the ones that screw it closed with, but have not figured out how that would work.



By removable I was thinking of something like a data logger thats deployed for a few days at a time then needs to be serviced or swapped over.  Your situation clearly leans towards the permanent where you can just screw it to a convenient surface and forget about it.


The size you quote is about that of a standard weatherproof power outlet box. They aren't ideal because they are made for specific purpose, but can be adapted and are comparatively cheap. That's what I use, but I rather think it is simpler to make your own, and that is what I will do next time.


If you look in the roofing section of your Hardware store of choice you will find roofing screws - these are typically used to attach roofing sheets (metal or plastic) to the battens on your roof. These particular screws have an integrated rubber/plastic grommet that is designed to seal the hole when being installed.

So with your project box prior to installing all of your internals you would simply drill through the back and use these to mount directly to your substrate.

Obviously this assumes you are using quality ABS waterproof boxes to start with



Hmm That is actually a good idea. I have the screws around from redoing metal roofs. It is not as clean or as simple as it could be if they just made one with tabs on the outside like they should, but this idea is simple and should work.

Thanks for the thought, I will give it a try.


Why not just screw the thing to the board from the inside so there's nothing extraneous to be seen from the outside? Put a rubber disc between the screw and box and you'll be weatherproof.

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