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Not sure if this where the right place to put it, but:
I see that one can program ATtinyX4 ATtinyX5 and some other tiny chips, but is it possible to do it with ATtinyX61? Could not find it anywhere..

Coding Badly

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On the old forum there was some interest in the 861.  I've considered adding support for it to the Tiny Core.  I even have an 861 so I can test.  But, other things have always been higher priority.  There just has not been a compulsion to get it done.

Which leads me to a question: Why did you choose the 861?


Okey. Yeah, i saw there where some intrest there, but very little it seems. Would be great if you could add support for it.

No special reason, its the only SOIC chip i have on hand from ATtiny series, as a couple of it for a great price a while back.. But then i have to ask, why not? :P
I do also have some ATmega328`s but its PDIP, but i guess it gonna have to work for a while.

I did notice somewhere here support for ATtiny26 on 8mhz internal clock, but that one would not work for 61 series?


I have same attiny861, but no core available. Can you consider add support this one? or give some tips about how to create it?


Tom Carpenter

I am about to try and add the attiny861 to the core I am currently working on (should be just a case of a new pins_arduino.h file), along with a couple of other ones

Tom Carpenter

Are you likely to need the tone() function? If not, then I have got the 861 working with my core. I can send you a copy if you would like.



i am considering buying a few of these chips...would you mind posting the core you've made?

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