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I recently was reading the spec of the ST electronics Nucleo 144 prototyping boards
and read on their spec for the various boards that they manufacture that their Nucleo 144 boards
can interface with the Arduino Uno V3.

Now, I think that this may be a slight mishap on ST electronics side, and I assume that no such product exists as an Arduino Uno V3 and that ST electronics have simply called it V3 instead of R3.

However, as i am not an expert in Arduino and because I may be wrongly assuming. Can I ask the readers of this forum if they know if such a board exists...

I.e. is there such a product with the name Arduino Uno V3
which is different to the Arduino Uno R3



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As you can check in the lists of the official Arduino boards from arduino.cc and arduino.org web sites, there is only one recent Arduino Uno board model, whose revision number is 3 -- i.e. Rev3 or R3 -- but you can't find any V3 at all.

Some shops on Internet sell some "Uno V3", which are actually just genuine R3s.

ST electronics Nucleo 144 boards don't interface with the Arduino Uno. But one part of their connectors present the same functions and positions as the 32 pins of the Arduino Uno's last revision. So the boards can interface with the latest short-sized Arduino shields.

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