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Hi there guys!

before you see the wall of text below and decide to leave is it possible to use the Uno and the Ethernet shield and the lm386 to play .wav files

I am doing a project for civil war class, I have to make a diorama of Sherman's march to the sea. Me being the maker I am wanted to add lights and sounds. I though it would Be cool to use red led's for the flames of the cities burned down as the sequence reaches that area, and to use white LEDs to illuminate the area where the action is taking place. There would be four zones the first being Atlanta Georgia where after Sherman and his men seized the city they re supplied briefly then burned the city down as they left. The second zone will be the battle of peach creek where the confederate general hood attacked Sherman's men with a full frontal assault resulting In a seal clubbing for the confederacy who retreated to Tennessee The third zone will be when Sherman and his men captured savanna Georgia and sent a telegram to president Lincoln offering it to him as a Christmas present, president Lincoln told him to burn it down. The forth and final zone would be the burning down of  Columbia South Carolina. What is the point of me giving you a brief history lesson some may ask? Well I have a arduino uno and the Ethernet shield I have multiple lm 386 audio ic chips, I am trying to figure out how to through code to properly have a .wav file running while running LEDs at their proper timing corresponding to the project being read through the speakers and when the time comes have the LEDs flash as needed with their second sound track playing for the explosions. I have attempted this before but there was a memory leak and it caused itself to crash repeatedly

Please help



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