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Sensors / Re: BME280 Sensor not working
Last post by JavK10 - Today at 04:25 pm
If you are using the Adafruit library take the address fount with I2C scanner and put it inside the begin

Code: [Select]
For example if I2C found the sensor at 0x76 write
Code: [Select]

Hi zoomx! I tried this but doesn´t works... :(
I will continue to investigate about this problem...
Robotics / Re: 12 servos to Arduino Uno p...
Last post by jremington - Today at 04:25 pm
You will need a substantial, external power supply for the servos, 5-6V at 1 Ampere per moving servo.

If all 12 servos can be moving at once, you will need a 12 Ampere power supply, minimum.
Bar Sport / Re: [OT ITA] Lo spamm bar
Last post by gpb01 - Today at 04:25 pm

Basta che poi non ti fanno firmare un Non Disclosure Agreement!
Gia fatto ovviamente  :smiley-confuse:  ...
... difatti potrò passare solo le info che poi verranno rese pubbliche ... ma le avremo per primi  :smiley-mr-green:

Displays / Re: LCD display does not work,...
Last post by lesept - Today at 04:24 pm
How did you power the display ? If it requires 5V, you should connect the VCC to the Vin of the NodeMCU.

Another possibility is that the I2C address of the display is not 0x27. Sometimes, it's 0x3F. To find it, run an I2C scanner sketch.
So it seems there is currently no Arduino that can be powered through PoE?

The only thing I can find is an Arduino Compatible board but it's relatively pricey at $44.90

I did also find this which is only EUR 17,95 but it's not Arduino:
Microcontrollers / Re: ESP12 not working with Ard...
Last post by pert - Today at 04:23 pm
I'm glad to hear you got it installed. Enjoy!
You could do this via the Arduino IDE's command line interface:

There is also a command line-only replacement for the Arduino IDE:
but you should be aware that is still in beta development stage so you might run into some bugs.

It's also possible to use the Intel Curie toolchain without the Arduino IDE. If you turn on File > Preferences > Show verbose output during: > compilation and File > Preferences > Show verbose output during: > upload and do an upload to your Curie via the Arduino IDE, you will see all the commands the Arduino IDE ran to compile and upload the sketch. That will be a more complex approach.
it dont work
That's the computer equivalent of asking the mechanic to fix my car because "I could not get to Glasgow"

That's pretty Cool :) I've always loved Nixie tubes.
How happy are you?
Français / Re: Alimentation batterie exte...
Last post by Louison - Today at 04:20 pm

Je suis allé cherché les composants pour fabriquer la plaque.

En me basant sur le schéma suivant :

Je galère un peu sur le sens des transistors...

Si on suit les schémas je pense que l'ordre des pins serait pour le MMBT2222 :
en haut :
  • En haut : 1 : Collector
  • A gauche : 2 : Base
  • En bas : 3 : Emitter

Celui ci je pense que je suis bon. C'est pour le deuxième que j'ai plus de difficultés...

Pour le MMBT3906 :
  • En haut : 3 : Emitter
  • A gauche : 2 : Base
  • En bas : 1 : Collector

J'ai trouvé ce montage aussi qui confirmerait ma pensée

Je suis Ok ou je me suis trompé ? :)

Merci de ton aide !
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