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Hello, this is my first post though I've been on the forum before.  I am programming a moving robot consisting of 3 Parallax Ping sensors.  To drive the motors I am using the Sabertooth 2x25.  Since this is my first experience building and programming a robot, the other day I blew up the shield on the Arduino board similiar to http://www.adafruit.com/products/196 by accidentally having the Ground wires from the Parallax Pings touch the wire connected to the motor (darn!).  So, i figured out the problem, none of the boards I had been using seemed damaged and I replaced the Arduino shield. I rewired everything completely and correctly.  Then when I went to test my program again, 2 of the 3 sensors began reading "0 inches" instead of the correct values.  So, then I tried just using the sample Ping code for all 3 sensors without any other code and all the sensor values were perfectly fine and did not read any "0" values.  I hadnt changed my original code from before the shield blew up and used the same one.  I am stuck on this problem and am confused, if anyone would like me to send them my code I'd be happy to post.  Does anyone seem to know a logical place to check so I can solve this problem? Thanks.


Maybe try send your code here and we may figure out or alternatively you can use http://www.societyofrobots.com/robotforum it has very large members community which might answer to your problem

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