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Anyone tried this?


I'm looking into a solder paste dispensing thingy.  That one's relatively cheap.  On the downside, it looks relatively cheap.  Also looks like it needs an external air pump.

I have one , it needs a compressor.
It has a venturi for suck back which consumes a loy of air.
Thats not needed for solder though.
Solder paste has to be fresh, it takes a bit of time to get needlesize and pressure right, solder paste is very viscous.
Brilliant for adhesive dispensing though.


What kind of compressor do you use?  Are we talking about a 3-6 gallon jobsite type, or something smaller scale?

The handheld one is neat and compact, but after watching the mikeselectricstuff video on SMD soldering, I think an external box with foot control would be a better way to go.


I use a hobbl sprayer one, i guess it about 4 litres.
It uses very little air except when the suckback is used.
A full resevoir easily lasts for a board, with venturi it starts running about every couple of minutes which is actually quite annoying.

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