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Try reading this.  It is a great intro to inertial sensing and some of the more popular chips. 


As I said earlier if you want the platform to be inertially stable so that the pizza never has any net sideways force you could get away with a 3-axis accel.  If you want it to be geographically stable (flat to the ground)  you will need a 3-axis accel and gyro.  I don't think this would be as good for a pizza, but it would be good if you had to stabilize a camera or a satellite dish.  (More pressing problems)   I don't see a magnetometer helping you in any way. 

Hope it helps.  Feel free to ask about any specific chips, but do a little looking first.


So today the box finally came. I built a luggage rack for it, bolted it on and loaded it up with some pizzas, a couple hoagies, and even some fountain drinks in a cupholder to see what would go wrong.

As i guessed the pizzas all slid to the right and crumpled in the box.

Now its gimbal building time.

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