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Hi there,
I am interested in making some El Wire stuff. I want to be able to switch on and off multiple wires, which I understand is usually done with a sequencer (which seems to use TRIACs). Additionally, I also want to be able to dim at least one of the wires.

Is this possible? If so, how?

I am guessing I might need 2 different kinds of circuits. The TRIAC based circuits for the wires I want to blink, and something else for the dimable ones. I dont know if they can be combined (but that would be awesome). I've seen the stand alone inverters that both blink and dim, so it must be possible, I just dont know how it can be done via Arduino and to only have some of the wires dim (not all).

Is this possible? Can someone give me an idea of what to look for or what key words to research?

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