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hi to all ,,,  :D

I need your help if you can to design a small system,, if you call tell me what is the required parts to build this project ,,,  and from where I have to start . or show me the block diagram any things so I can start from it . and if the code is easy and would not take a time from you can you pls sent it to me , I will be thankful

The project is to

design and construct a prototype for an automatic self-operated Light Rail Transit (LRT) ticket purchase counter system

An LRT railway station has a number of self-operated ticket purchase counters. The
passengers are required to enter the codes of the starting station and the destination
station. The processor should calculate the fare and must display on the four seven-segment in the following format , where the first 2 seven-segment to display the dollar and the second two seven-segment display the cents it's like that  XX.XX

Also, if a passenger enters the starting station code and then changes his mind and leaves.

The system will hang as it will wait for the destination station code to be entered. Under
This circumstance, the following conditions must be implemented:

(a) If a passenger has entered the starting station code and there is no keyboard entry
for the next 15 seconds, the system should reset.

(b) After the display of the station numbers and the fare, the system should wait for
30 seconds and then only reset.

(c) The system should display "READY" initially and after reset.

(d) Also extend the system design to convey the error status.

we can assume that we have 3 station to make it simple A,B and C .
From A to B the cost is 1.30 and from A to C the cost 1.50 , B to C 1.90


All this seems fairly simple but there are a couple of things I can think of

How many stations are there? You need a table to lookup the cost from A to B and If there's a lot is could get a bit large. Still a Mega would probably handle it.

More importantly how are you going to update this table in 6 months time when the prices change?

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Yep, I got a PM saying that there will only be 3 stations. Must be a really small town :)

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hey there can you assist me with the same design. Thanks


The requirements seem to be missing lots of features that would be required for this to be a workable system, so I guess the intent is just to mimic the user interface of a ticket purchasing system. In that case you just need a display and a keypad, and there are plenty of options for those and plenty of examples showing how to use them.


I don't have deep knowledge in arduino. But i think u can use arduino uno for your project.
you can use shift registers in series for driving the 7 segment displays.
If you are just considering 3 stations then u can just use all the combinations in your program>
A to B
B to C
A to C.

i think this helps.


BTW if there is any mistake,sorry.

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