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Hello! I've being made an home project with arduino uno and ethernet shield with sd card, and i realized that in the webpage ive made of webserver, the speed of loading image files on browser is a little bit slow. I don't know if this is problem of ethernet shield or because of arduino. So my doubt is if i use some other arduino (like mega, for example) this could increase speed of delivering sd card image files or if there's anything that i coud do to improve speed.


Hello João,

The SD card and the Ethernet share the SPI bus and only one can be active at a time, so I believe for data to be transferred off the SD card and sent out the Ethernet port, the ATMega processor must first read blocks of data off the SD card and then transmit it to the ethernet processor, such as the commonly used Wiznet-5100. Also, the speed of the SPI bus may well be a lot slower than what you can do with these cards normally in other systems.
Maybe someone else will have a better understanding of this than I and will clarify what I wrote above.

How did you go with producing the graphic on the html page that would be updated by the ultrasonic level, did you make it work?

Paul - VK7KPA

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