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Hi Everybody,
After some unlucky experiments with my programing skills I´d like to ask you if somebody is willing to help me with my automation project (of Corse not for free). I´m measuring temperatures (DS18B20) and switching Relays with creepy website and UNO right now, and I´d like to make it little bit more fancy (mobile jQuery stile page loaded from SD card). I can create the web page, but my problem is I have no idea to code JS and Strings. I have no time to study programming (lack of spare time), so is somebody interested?


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Hi Mikee,

Can you explain how you would imagine the user interface to look like?
If not, you could do a sketch or mock up.
jquery mobile is quite nice, as is using the twitter 'Bootstrap' library, the folks at twitter made this nice library.

I could possibly help out on the client side programming.
I guess there will be many folks who have played around with the Dallas sensors and can offer assistance there.

Have you thought about producing a bit of a design specification to give more detail and an idea for us?

To give you an idea of what can be done, I have been working on my little renewable energy project which is slowly coming along, just got the history trending functioning, php/sql on the server and javascript on the client side. I use Backbone.js as the MVC framework, Underscore for templating, and HighCharts for the graphical trending. Check my signature for the link to my current work in progress.

As I mentioned, jquery mobile is nice, for small device screens, but for larger screen sizes it looses it's appeal and this is where the 'Bootstrap.js' library shines in my opinion. They do have similarities in what they offer in terms of style. Google 'twitter bootstrap'.

It will be interesting to see who's interested...

Kind regards,
Paul - VK7KPA


Hi Paul,
Thanks for your reply.
I created rough control interface (just for imagination how it should look like) - in attachment is also my code that I´m using now. Its just reading 5 temperatures and switching 2 Relays.
To interface:
*Page VENTILATION - controls my house ventilation with air recuperation
ON/OFF switch, mode switch for Summer, Winter and Nonstop ventilation (running program in arduino), shock-ventilation (Button to run system in highest speed for few minutes)
*Page HEATING - control of Heating system
For now just on/off (in future switch to control boiler from living room or bedroom (when fireplace in living room is burning thermostat is always off and rest of house cold)  maybe thermostat )
*Page ACCESS-Opens Main gate through Button (0,8 sec impulse), need to show real status of Gate - on place end switch
*Page CONTROL - controlling relays for light and more
*Page MONITOR - displaying temperature or sensors readings

This is just base of my ideas, and I hope that Ill be able to expand this following example from someone who helps me.
BTW. I like your project, I was already on your page time ago. I was playing with idea of solar panels  this summer.
Thanks so far,


Hi Mikee,
That is a great start.
Using jquery mobile does look and work well on smartphone size devices.

I'll look over it more and try to get to understand better your concepts and methods.
I haven't looked at your Arduino code yet, so will do shortly.

Just two things,
Why not try the accordion style of buttons, where when you select one of the menu items, it simply pushes the rest down. That way you don't need the back button at the top. Just an idea to ponder on.
Second, on your monitor page, just a simple typo, 'FORM HOUSE' I guess you mean 'FROM HOUSE'? I do it all the time too.

A question, are wanting this to be fully served up by the Arduino or is it possible to have the Arduino push data to a host site and then have the host site serve up the content to clients?

I guess the question is for two reason.
1. if you are wanting to access the system remotely away from the house, say while at wor.. argg, wor, nope having trouble saying it, anyway, that place often visited by many people, then to use your own server, say a computer it will need to be operational 24/7 and be set up as a server. Also away from any local WiFi you might have at home you will need to enable internet connectivity via the phone network on your smartphone.

Second is that if there is the possibility of more users wanting to access the system, then if you use the Arduino as the server you need to be aware that of the limitations of the number of simultaneous connection available to the ethernet interface. The Wiznet 5100 can support only four.
But using the Arduino as the server will make the whole software side much easier to construct. You can use a mixture, where you might like to store data on a server for later viewing.

Ideas for digesting.

Paul - VK7KPA


Hi Paul,
My thought was to control it over smartphone and tablet up to 10inch screen (one cheap Tablet fixed on wall in living room). 4 users are more than enough. Nowadays I forwarded one port on my router so I have Access from „outside" to house, but its unprotected, so that's one more thing to add on page - maybe just password. I don´t need heavy protection (who's interested to turn off my Heating  :)).  Your second question - so that's what I don't know, of course I'll be happier if Arduino could serve all but I don't know if it is capable (page+ js or something + code vs. speed of arduino). If not I can do it with separate server too. Anyway, I´m thinking about it, for media serving in House.
PS. Sorry typing "errors" and my grammar too, my English got little bit rusty  :~

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