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Hi everybody! I'm following  www.geekclass.it an website (this is a italian website). So i'm researching a answer for my friend. Read traduction: http://goo.gl/WcyLg or http://goo.gl/WqVyq (italian question).

Thank you guyz



Hello to all,
for the thesis I am planning a corset "interactive" that helps the wearer to breathe with your diaphragm.
In theory the circuit part by a stretch sensor which detects the movement of the belly and sends a signal to the lilypad which in turn actuates a series of nitinol, which move the structure of the corset.

Has anyone ever programmed nitinol?

If I understand correctly from different forums, I have to program it as the switch with an LED but the movement should be obvious that I would get nice and wide:
structure pleated bodice and made ??by many (like many folds accordion 2D become 3D and 2D then back again)!
For now, I bought two nitinol wires 150 and 250 um and a drizzle of flexinol (similar to the nitinol) from 500 um to several tests with the fabric.

Shape memory wire is activated with heat.  Generally you run a current through the wire to cause the wire to heat up.  This can take substantial current so you may need both a hefty battery and transistors to switch the current.
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Nitinol is

  • binary: Either "long or short", without intermediate possibilities.

  • "short" is not all that short compared to "long" (4%?)

  • works by getting hot, which may be a problem in contact with people.

  • as a result, requires relatively high currents to get the wire hot. (you use simple resistive heating to get the nitinol hot.  the higher the desired force, the thicker the wire needs to be, and the more current it takes to get it hot.)

It's an interesting sounding project; I hope your friend solves these problems!

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