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Hi everyone.  I tried to search for the solution to my question and came up with no answers.  I just bought the Seeed Studio protoshield, and it came with a USB B port to solder on.  I really don't like the USB B setup, and I have a standard USB A port sitting around the office not being used.  Is there anyway to use the USB A port instead of the B?  I would really appreciate any input.


USB B and USB A are used in very different situations.

USB B is to be only on a peripheral.

USB A is to be only on a host.

What are you thinking of using the USB port for?  Actual USB traffic?  Then you have to use the right kind of socket for the end that you are creating.  If you are creating a USB device, then you have to use a USB B connector.  If you are creating a USB host, then you have to use a USB A connector.

If, however, you're just using it for connecting things like sensors, etc, as a generic connection interface, then you can use whatever connector you like.

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