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The original idea of this thead was the piss poor ways to include images in a post.  This is something that has frustrated me more than once.  Now I know, so for me this thread was the answer to "my" question.


The debate about resolution was interesting, till peoples' egos started to come to the front.

I am 72, and have to wear glasses having spent most of my working career hand building, soldering iron,  prototypes all the way down to 0402 and LQFP 144 packages.  I find 640 x 480 more than adequate for any picture needed on this forum.  I shrink and/or crop to get shown what I want shown.  10M images are great, but massive overkill.  Images that size have their place but not on a forum.

Any way, that is my sixpence worth.



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Having had to post pics to get points over to users.

I have changed my stance but only slightly.

My biggest pet peeve about the scheme is sure you can post it as an attachment but then you have to run round the back of the room and get the link and then EDIT again to be able to use the ability to post "INLINE"

AS far as the quality goes I have seen some really good and bad ones of recent.
If its a poor one at least being able to pull out a larger version would let me see a little better through a tangle of fuzzy wires.

For many of us older ones that have a decent idea of cropping and focus or even a small amount of the younger ones who bothered to learn how to do that with thier phones if we supply the correct pic to start with your 640x480 would work.

Its the amount of missing pics and mainly younger users that come in want an answer then bugger off.
Some users just add "cannot post pic" or similar.
Many of the sites I use allow for larger sizes and simply downscale them to the allowable size at the backend.
That gives you the option for "See Original Size" should you need it best of both worlds and both have a place even in forums that have moved on from BBS.

A lot of the better forums I use for other topics do allow just that ability to home in on detail that is CONSTRAINED in this forum.
It may not be the answer you were looking for but its the one I am giving based on either experience, educated guess, google or the fact that you gave nothing to go with in the first place so I used my wonky crystal ball.


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I'm sure that if your reading this you are desperate to attach a picture to your post and you are beseeching the modern miracle of community for the most up to date information on THIS topic
(so that you can continue what you were doing before you started this search)

I will then save you the burden I just went through of off-topic discussions about picture resolutions and daftness in public and direct you to the best available info.

The BEST post so far is #56

Thought I'd document different options on how to upload files inside a thread for anyone interested (3 methods)...

Upload file then edit, copy link and add image
JPG, PNG, PDF and BMP uploads...

  • Pick "reply" to a post, then pick "Attachments and other options"
  • Pick the picture you want to upload - gif, jpg, mpg, pdf, png - file size under 1Mb (total) per post
  • Complete the post
  • At the bottom of the post, where your file is listed (i.e. picture.jpg), right click on it and pick "copy link address"
  • Now pick the modify option to edit your post
  • Pick the icon "Insert an Image", the "paste" your link
  • Finish the post

As can be seen above, PDFs don't display (icon only) and BMPs are not an upload option.

Linking from google drive method
  • Share the google drive image (Select "Anybody with link can view")
  • Copy the link (in my case:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz5SiSu4WNEKREZkOTczdk1zLVE/view
  • Replace the text "file/d" with uc?export=view&id= (in my case)
  • Delete anything after the long alpanumeric name (in my case "/view"
  • In my case this ends up: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=0Bz5SiSu4WNEKREZkOTczdk1zLVE

Uploading via a URL
URLs will generally display if paste in the "images" option.  If however your image isn't a URL, you can change it to one by uploading to somewhere like pinterest.  Method:
  • Open pinterest (you might have to start an account - free
  • Pick "Create board" and name it (say "forums")
  • In the new "empty" board that appears, pick "Save pin" then pick "your device", then "choose photo"
  • Pick the photo you want, then "open"
  • If it's a file it accepts, it will preview on the left.  On the right under "boards" title, pick, however and the word "save" appears.  Pick it
  • To get the URL, pick the picture preview you now see, then pick it again so it opens up in the browser
  • Copy the URL then you can close that window
  • Now pick "insert an image" in the forum page and paste that URL

Up to you which option to use.  The first however might be the quickest and easiest.
Thank You cjcj!


Ok, I write a post. I write a placeholder for the image. I attach an image. I save the post. I see the attached image link in my post and copy its link url. I modify my post. I replace my placeholder with the image. I save my modified post. I get:
"You have exceeded the number of posts you can make in a 5 minutes period. Please try again later."

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That's the only price you have to pay.

23 more posts and the limitation goes away.

No technical PMs.
The last thing you did is where you should start looking.


23 more crappy posts for you with meaningless placeholders that can't be corrected. This is a great communiy, but the forum policy is strange.
- One day my stepper motor driver works like a charm. No task is too big for it and I can do anything with it. Next day it refuses to work and even the tiniest motor blows its fuse. What's wrong with it?
- It's bipolar.


17 posts now ;) It's a simplistic way to prevent spam. I have been there (a lot of us have), it was annoying but eventually it will go away. And as you seem to be participating actively in this forum (not only asking questions), it will be in no time :)
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Aug 05, 2017, 12:50 pm Last Edit: Aug 05, 2017, 01:07 pm by J-M-L
I often host my images elsewhere and put code in the forum like this


This way the image is visible directly in the forum, resized dynamically to meet the need of the forum, but also clickable to see directly the hi res source... of course comes at the risk of loosing the image if the hosting website goes away and full bandwidth needed to get the original that is resized


You can also add a width (and/or height) constraint to display even smaller in the forum

[url=http://hosting.com/myimage.png][img width=100]http://hosting.com/myimage.png[/img][/url]

And still clickable to full res

Small annoyance, the forum software will strike a line through the picture as its clickable but most of the time you don't see it
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