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I´m a bit new to Arduino and it's language and have two questions:

1. Could you point me in the direction to find programming guidelines to make a well structured and
    readable code?

2. I see a lot of examples with a picture of an Arduino and components like LED´s and what not showing
    the wiring in a very nice and clear way.
    Is there a program to do that, or do you simply copy and paste in, say, Paint ?

Any suggestions would be appreciated :-)

Best regards

/// Martin ///


For 1 have a look at Planning and Implementing a Program but please do not consider anything in it to have any official imprimatur. It is just my suggestion.

If your 2 refers to Fritizing diagrams then you should be aware that they are not favoured here. Fritzing can easily produce pretyy pictures but it can be almost impossible to figure out the actual wiring connections. A photo of a simple pencil drawing is usually much clearer. I use Libre-Office draw to make diagrams (as in this Thread) because I am familiar with it.

You can probably do the same with PowerPoint. Any of the Paint programs can be used but I find that a vector drawing program makes things neater.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


No technical PMs.
The last thing you did is where you should start looking.


For good circuit diagrams use a proper CAD software like KiCAD. It's quite easy to learn. It can also design PCBs, and I use it as a great help for me to layout my protoboards.

Eagle CAD I also hear about a lot, never tried it.
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