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Hi, When i saw the due was all sold out (about two weeks ago), i sent an email to the store to know when it would be back, and they said me that i would be available again in two weeks. But since then I've been checking every day on the Arduino store and other retailers but there wasn't. So does anyone know approximately when it will be available again in France?


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Not in France, but Antratek in Belgium has the Due, and shipping from Belgium to France is inexpensive and has no import duties or extra taxes.

(Incidentally I am in France, I ordered a Due (very fast, as soon as it was announced) from the official Arduino store in Italy and it shipped from Spain!)


Or if you would rather wait and order in France, I am aware of two places that carry it:  Evola and Lextronic. Both are out of stock though.


Thanks, I think i'll get it from Antratek.  :)


A new online store from Grenoble :


They have Due today

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