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Sensors / Re: How to read serial data fr...
Last post by antknight - Today at 06:31 pm
Quite right, how can I identify each byte in order to do the equation?

Data_H * 256 + Data_L
5v 2a charger, funny thing is, if u disconect all, and just probe pins on arduino u still got high on pins, so its not pir sensors.
Gigs and Collaborations / Arduino Smart Glasses Help
Last post by Kinorter - Today at 06:30 pm
So I am a newbie in arduino project-making and I just made my second robot (the first one is a ultrasonic sensor object avoider) that self-balances. Anyway, I just found some 2$ sunglasses  that look cool and I wanted to make smart glasses, using the HC-05, arduino nano or pro mini, a microphone and a speaker (since the speaker is so close to my ears they don't need an amplifier). The ideea is that the glasses are thick ( T H I C C ) and they can fit the components. Okay, back to the projects: I want to make a program that comunicates with my phone and I want to ask questions using the google assistant (Ok google).
I have no experience in c++ programming  so if you are going to help me, please provide a code. Can someone create such a program or at least link me to a project?
Thanks in advance :)
Software / Re: variazione colori led rgb ...
Last post by gpb01 - Today at 06:30 pm
Buona sera,
essendo il tuo primo post, nel rispetto del regolamento della sezione Italiana del forum (… punto 13, primo capoverso), ti chiedo cortesemente di presentarti IN QUESTO THREAD (spiegando bene quali conoscenze hai di elettronica e di programmazione ... possibilmente evitando di scrivere solo una riga di saluto) e di leggere con MOLTA attenzione il su citato REGOLAMENTO ... Grazie. :)


P.S.: Qui una serie di link utili, NON necessariamente inerenti alla tua domanda:
- serie di schede by xxxPighi per i collegamenti elettronici vari: ABC - Arduino Basic Connections
- pinout delle varie schede by xxxPighi: Pinout
- link generali utili: Link Utili
Programming Questions / Re: Rotative array
Last post by MorganS - Today at 06:29 pm
so, i don't understand the question of "pointers" : the "for" cycle for the shift of array, takes a long time?
In C, a pointer is a special type of variable that has special mathematical operations. That is not what we are talking about here.

The array index is what's important here. That points to the element of the array you are working with.
Hardware / Re: Falsare lettura temperatur...
Last post by gpb01 - Today at 06:29 pm
Puoi dare le coordinate che vuoi, il cursore li si posiziona ed inizia a scrivere.

Hello there!

It could be that the motor is moving at a very very slow speed that is not discernible, and could cause this sound.

Do you have the logic supply and motor supply grounds connected? Or are they connected internally on the board?
The motor run at high speed and the GNDs are connected on the board

The "whistling" is due to the current limiting action of the motor driver, and there is nothing you can do about it.

The current limit must be adjusted according to the motor specifications and the required torque.
So there is no solution, but why when i reduce the vref to 0.5V the whistle disappear?
Programming Questions / Re: Rotative array
Last post by MorganS - Today at 06:27 pm
Code: [Select]
float vect_time_2[c] = vect_time_1[c]- vect_time_1[0];
This is a fundamental misunderstanding of how a circular buffer works. The oldest sample stored is not in position [ 0 ]

If re-reading my description in reply #13 doesn't help you, look for other descriptions on the net. Wikipedia or something.

If this is the case, you will need an entire data-set from lift off to touch down or else it would (IMO) not make much sense :)
That example has a simple solution: the climb rate is exactly zero, if you landed at the same altitude you launched from. The variometer used for flight is really looking at the last 1 second to 20 seconds.
Sensors / Re: How to read serial data fr...
Last post by wvmarle - Today at 06:25 pm
Why separate the bytes? You obviously have them separated already as you're printing them separately.
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