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Dear users, i've come to the point that many have crossed before. I need a better IDE to manage more complex projects with more and more dependencies.
I've done a little bit of eclipse(s) , xcode, android studio, PyCharm, intelliJ before, but honnestly i am not very confident in any of them regarding to their in depth configurations.

I would be so glad if someone could point me to a solution easy to set up and work with.

I work on a mac running High Sierra, and i have projects on various boards from atTiny and uno's to nodeMCU.

I feel affraid when looking at the Sloeber installAdvice.shtml, this doesn't look simple an friendly to me.

If some good soul could point me to a nice solution or to a good tutorial on how tu install a viable solution, i will be more than happy.

Cheers !


I use the Geany text editor for all my programming and I have written a Python program that allows me to compile and upload directly from Geany using the command-line of the Arduino IDE.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.

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