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Good day,
Any body successfully use sd card with nodemcu 1.0 (ESP8266-12E)? I have tried to connect sd card with arduino uno and it work fine but when i try with nodemcu through pins 12,13,14 and 15 as ss it dose not work,
Any body got experience in this?


Firstly.  The Uno doesn't have pins 14 & 15.  So where are they actually connected?

Post a sketch or schematic showing exactly how you have it wired up.

Also post your complete code (using code tags)



Dear Fof,
These pins is Nodemcu pin, that is why i said on arduino uno working fine but i face the problem with Nodemcu 1.0 (ESP8266-12E)
Where i map it as the following


the problem solved,
for who is facing similar issue, they can use pins 12,13,14 and pin 4 instead of 15
and the sd card will work fine on NodeMCU


for who is facing similar issue
Well, I soon will, as I have just bought an MCU. I am still utterly confused about the pins and their names, but I was going to use the green group of pins on the other side.

What did you do about powering the SD module? I have just found that neither of mine have 3.3v input, and I am looking at splitting a 5v supply to each board.


did anyone find a solution to this? I tried cs on pin 4. But it still doesn't work. Works on UNO but not on NodeMCU. Any suggestion?



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