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Hi everyone

I'm working on a program to play songs, but for that I would need to be able to read text from an SD-card.
I found a lot of solutions on the forum, but most of the time they won't work.

So what I have is:
- Micro SD and Memory Card Breakout Shield/Module (E-bay link)
- Pro Micro (Sparkfun Link)
- Standard electronics (resistors, fuse, cables, mosfet, ...)

What I need is:
- Getting input from SD-card
- Make that an array/string variable

If anyone could help me you would make my day!

Thank you in advanced


Thanks for the views, but could anyone please give a solution?


Look at the  example "dumpfile"..  It reads a file and dumps it to serial.

You want to store a sentance ?  Make a char array (99 chars for a loooong senstence)
Read , and fill, array until you reach a newline (CRLF) char .
Those chars are ascii  values 10 and 12

Do what you want with the string newly read

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