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I am using the Arduino GSM for a project which basically receives SMS messages from any number and then automatically sends back a few prewritten text messages to the number. I have no problems with the code or the running of the GSM but the sim card that I am using is the issue.
I tried to use a pay as you go sim card from Vodafone (in the UK) but it cannot receive any messages at all from any number. I then tried using a pay monthly sim card from Vodafone and it started to work, but when lots of people, around 20 or more, texted the number it stopped working. I then used a different pay monthly sim card from BT and it started to work again.
Could anyone possibly advise me with what sim card I should be using? Should it be from a particular carrier provider? I have been looking at other forum posts and I still couldn't resolve my issue so I'd thought I'd ask.
I am happy to post any code/results that may help resolve this issue. Many thanks.

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