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A while ago I acquired five used serial numeric keypads. They have a display which shows the number, an ENTER key and a Clear key, and five or six (depending on the type) unlabelled keys which don't do anything at all. They also have a very long cable, which ends in PS/2 male for power, a PS/2 female passthrough, and a female DB/9 for data. They're a bit dirty and sticky, but nothing that a bit of soapy water couldn't take care of. Three of them are the Genovation GLK18U, which has colour keys, and two of them are the COS-2010, which has black keys and a flip-up thing in the back to elevate it, like the legs on a keyboard.

Click on a thumbnail for a larger image:

According to email correspondence with Genovation about the GLK18U,
The GLK18U is a simple serial ASCII device. 9600 baud, no parity, no protocol, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit

It is an OUTPUT ONLY device and will not receive any data. It is NOT programmable in any way and it is also discontinued.

The direct replacement for it is the MiniTerm 900, which is Fully programmable and will receive host input.

The unlabeled keys are not-funtional.

This keypad was designed for Comalex as a custom pinpad.

If you're interested, tell me what you'd like to do with it and which one you'd prefer, and we can work something out.






I still have several of these available. When you PM me, make sure you include your ZIP code so I can tell you how much shipping will cost.

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